2013 Harvest: Reports from the field week two

Brynn writes:

It’s been a busy last few weeks for our area winemakers. Here’s the latest I’ve heard from a few of them (or been able to gather from their Facebook posts). (To see last week’s update click here).

Amelia Wynn Winery (Email from winemaker Paul Bianchi, Sept. 25):

This is the fourth road trip for grapes as I write from Yakima on the way to Horse Heaven Hills for Grenache and then on to Walla Walla for Syrah. Back at the winery Sauv Blanc, Chard, Viognier, Cab Franc Rose, Merlot, Sangiovese Rose, and two clones of Merlot are happily fermenting. We will most likely return tomorrow. More to come.

Email from Sept. 26: Picked up 3,000 lbs Grenache at the Six Prong Vineyard near Alderdale then drove on to Walla Walla where we are getting 2 tons of Syrah which was picked yesterday afternoon to avoid the rains.

Eleven Winery (From winemaker Matt Albee’s Facebook post Sept. 20):

Crushed Elephant Mountain Syrah today — it has amazing flavors this year, the best I’ve tasted.

Fletcher Bay Winery (From the Facebook page, Sept. 25):

Crushed Semillion grapes on Tuesday.

Perennial Vintners (From winemaker Mike Lempriere’s Facebook post Sept. 21):

It’s that time! We harvested, crushed and pressed Siegerrebe last week and it’s bubbling away. Lemberger from Red Mountain AVA was crushed this week and is on the skins. We harvested Madeleine Angevine yesterday and will crush it today, along with an experimental run of Zwiegelt. Muller Thurgau is still needs a bit of time/heat, as does the Melon de Bourgogne.

Rolling Bay Winery (Email from winemaker Alphonse de Klerk, Sept. 22):

Harvest has started for Rolling Bay Winery. Thursday we took in 3.5 tons of Chardonnay grapes from Upland Vineyardson Snipes Mountain. I’m showing my age but I have been sourcing from the Newhouse family since 1992. There is a link to some info on my Facebook page about Snipes Mountain. We crushed our Chardonnay on Friday and finished up with about 500 gallons. At this point we are cold settling the juice before we rack off and inoculate with our yeast.

Email from Sept. 24: Leaving this morning to pick up Syrah and Merlot.