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Weekly wine defined: Bargain

August 5th, 2013 by brynn grimley

Brynn writes:

We’re kicking off August with a wine term that’s not directly related to wine, but one we think you’ll like none the less.

This month we’ve decided to focus on bargain wines. That means all of our What We’re Drinking posts will be about wines that are available at some really good prices.

So what does bargain mean? Price points differ depending on your income level, taste preference and potentially a compromise when it comes to wine. Not all bargain wines are terrible — we selected four that are actually quite good — but sometimes it does take a while to weed out the bad before you find the best deal.

Specifically, we’re looking for wines in the $7 or under for 750ml. Now, if there’s a box, jug or barrel of wine that averages < $7 a 750ml bottle that definitely qualifies. And it has to taste so good that you’ll drink every drop.

Where do you find bargain wines in Kitsap? Two good places to start: Trader Joe’s and Grocery Outlet.

You can also find relatively inexpensive wines at the grocery store, but our experience is we’ve found better quality wines at the above mentioned stores because they often buy them on close out deals, so in essence you really are getting a bargain. (And no, we aren’t going to be writing about “Two Buck Chuck.”)

Our first bargain wine review will be posted Wednesday. We’d also love to hear from you, do you have a favorite wine that you consider a bargain? Let us know in the comments below.



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One Response to “Weekly wine defined: Bargain”

  1. Elizabeth Haney Says:

    Can’t beat Trader Joe’s 2.5 buck chuck merlot!

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