What we’re drinking: Cocoban

Brynn writes:

Here’s a wine that should appeal to both your wallet and your palate. It was recommended to me by Diana Walker, the wine steward at the Port Orchard Fred Meyer.

It’s a red wine that would be good for people who like young reds that are fruity and smooth. The wine is Cocoban, a red table wine from California. There’s not much to tell about this wine on the label, and a quick search of my good friend Google shows that this wine is sourced from various AVAs in California.

The Google also says Cocoban is a Trader Joe’s exclusive, but we know that can’t be true since I bought it at Fred Meyer. The Trader Joe’s price is listed at $6.99. I think that might be the same for the one I bought — or if it wasn’t $7 it was probably close to $8.

If I were to drink this wine again, say on one of these warm summer evenings we’ve been having, here’s what I’d do: I’d go to the store and buy some chocolate covered cherries, then throw the Cocoban in the fridge to give it a little chill, and enjoy the wine and the cherries for my dessert, while savoring the summer night.

The wine has chocolate and fruit characters and because it’s just slightly sweet, it’s a great choice for this dessert treat.