A low alcohol, aromatic wine to pair with rhubarb muffins

It’s sometimes hard to find a wine to match food that falls into a category where a wine accompaniment isn’t necessarily a natural connection.

That’s the case with Ann Vogel’s rhubarb muffin recipe, which she recommends for breakfast or lunch. Most of us lean toward coffee, juice, or milk as our beverages of choice for breakfast. Lunch is another story.

Luckily for you, we’re here to introduce you to different wines and do all the work when it comes to finding the perfect one to go with the latest recipe to try.

Now we know what you’re probably thinking: “Really? You have a wine that works with rhubarb and is appropriate to be had with muffins?”

Of course we do!

We’re bridging the morning/afternoon gap with our wine choice for this hearty spring treat. It’s the perfect wine to sip for a midmorning brunch on a lazy Sunday, or as an accompaniment to compliment the muffins.

We recommend an orange muscat. You might be more familiar with the term Moscato d’Asti, which is a white wine with a slight spritz made from the Moscato Bianco grape grown in the Piedmont region of Italy.

While most of us probably think of muscat as a white, sweeter wine — it was supposedly the third most consumed white wine in the United States in 2012 — it actually can be white or red depending on how it’s made. Often the grape is used to make a variety of sweet dessert wines, but it isn’t classified as a dessert wine.

While it’s a major grape variety of Italy, Muscat has made its way to American soil as well. Look for an orange muscat grown in California or Oregon to pair with these rhubarb muffins.

California’s Quady Winery makes two kinds of orange muscat. One is more of a dessert wine, the other is perfect for the rhubarb muffins. Electra is light, refreshing and easy to dink. It is reminiscent of oranges and peaches with the added benefit of low alcohol so you can have a sip with your muffin and still get on with your day.