What we’re drinking: Taste Washington wines


This post really should be titled “What we hope to be drinking” because it’s our short list of wineries we hope to visit while attending the Taste Washington event at the end of this month. (If you want more details on the event or how to get tickets, see our previous post here.)

How is it time for Taste Washington again, you might ask? Good question — we’re asking ourselves the same thing. It seems like only yesterday I was 8 months pregnant, waddling around the CenturyLink Event Center with Mary and Jeff taking tiny sips (and spitting) some great wines.

Thank goodness this year I’m free and clear to do as much wine tasting as my palate will allow (the baby is being dropped off at Grandma’s so mom and dad can get some good wine tasting quality time).


Before attending these large-scale tastings we always create a game plan — review the list of wineries and what they expect to pour, and then decide who we just can’t miss. Last year Jeff’s plan was to taste all of the most expensive wines being poured. That was a lot of fun.

While we create a plan, we almost never stick to it — winery ADD takes over when we get into the building. Nevertheless, we still like to pretend we have a plan.

This is who we’re excited to visit this year:

Mary’s list:

  • Doubleback: Only time I’ll get to taste the most expensive wine at this event.
  • Desert Wind: Love their wines and want to see what they’re up too.
  • Two Mountain: Really love the wines, the guys who run it and just tasted a homemade port made from Two Mountain grapes.
  • Buty Winery: Love their wine and they are sooo affordable.
  • Powers Winery: Here’s a winery that has been around forever and still produces quality, affordable wines.
  • Smasne: Tough to find in Kitsap so here’s my chance to see what they’ve been up to.
  • Robert Ramsey: Ditto.
  • Rotie: Have to try these as they produced our favorite wine last year.

Brynn’s list:

  • Canoe Ridge Vineyard: After recently drinking a cab from this winery I’d like to see what else they have.
  • Cave B: At our first Taste WA experience I tried their chardonnay and fell in love, it’s time to rekindle that romance.
  • Efeste: I see their label everywhere but have never given then a try, now’s my chance.
  • Maison Bleue Winery: Tried the wines a couple years ago at the Rhone Rangers tasting in Seattle, loved everything he poured.
  • Rotie: Tops my list because I have a few bottles of their Northern Red(which was my all-time favorite wine tasted at last year’s Taste Washington).
  • Woodward Canyon: Last on the Taste WA list, but certainly at the top of my list, especially because one of the winery owners has Bremerton roots.


Tom Douglas at Taste Washington 2012
Tom Douglas at Taste Washington 2012