A wine for spring vegetables, deviled eggs

Mary writes:

The recent sunshine, blue skies and warmer weather has many out toiling in their gardens. My own garden has many volunteers peeping out. Chives, sorrel, spinach and oregano are popping up in between the tulips, bluebells and daffodils.

Pairing these fresh spring vegetables with wine is a fun and educational endeavor.  Fresh, herbal and crisp are the qualities of a wine that would pair well with the dishes listed below. These are also the qualities that make a great sauvignon blanc.

Dilled smoked salmon pate, peak-season asparagus grilled to perfection and dressed with balsamic vinegar, and Parmesan cheese, roasted thyme carrots and artichokes with hollandaise are other spring dishes that pair well with a sauvignon blanc.

Deviled eggs are a staple of many spring-themed brunches and pot lucks. Consider adding lemon juice to the mayonnaise and chopped chives or sage to add a little spring fresh flavor to this well-loved dish.

Our go to favorite wine to serve with the lemon-chive deviled eggs is Arbor Crest’s 2012 Sauvignon Blanc.

Arbor Crest has been producing exceptional sauvignon blanc since Bacchus was a kid. Grapes are sourced from the venerable Bacchus Vineyard in Columbia Valley.

The flavors are fresh and lively with appealing citrus, pineapple and spice with a smooth finish.

To preserve those fresh and lively flavors, malolactic fermentation or any contact with oak is avoided.