Argentine white for seven-layer guacamole tostadas

There are myriad options for what we could recommend to pair with this seven-layer tostada recipe. As has become our mantra in this column, when looking for the right companion always pair a wine with the sauce, matching the weight of the wine with the weight of the sauce.

So what is the sauce in this seven-layer delight?

Well first we considered the taco seasonings, since they can pack a powerful flavor punch. But with only a small amount, it didn’t make sense to revolve around those spices.

Instead we opted to focus on the crux of Ann Vogel’s seven-layer tostada recipe: guacamole.

With 1 1/2 cups recommended, guacamole is the main ingredient. And while margaritas would be our first choice for pairing, we do have a wine that is a great fit and would work perfectly if you choose to add Vogel’s recommendation of crab, shrimp or white fish. It would also pair with chicken or turkey if you went that route over ground beef.

Torrontés, a white wine from Argentina, is our choice for this guacamole-centered seven-layer tostada dish.

Described by the website as “the emblematic white wine of Argentina,” the grape is a cross between “Mission” grapes, which were introduced from Spain to the western coasts of North and South American during the 16th century by missionaries, and the Muscat of Alexandria grape — which supposedly Cleopatra used to drink.

The wine balances floral aromas, including roses, orange blossoms, lavender, lilac and bergamot flowers, with dryness and acidity. The combination — a bone dry wine with floral aromas — results in a balanced wine that is light and crisp with fruity notes.

There are some sweeter Torrontés wines out there, but stay away from those with this recipe. To make sure the wine you select is dry, look at the alcohol content and remember this rule of thumb: “higher is dryer”. The higher the content (i.e. 12.5 to 13 percent) the dryer the wine.

Bodega Norton, an Argentine wine producer, makes a palate-friendly Torrontés that is also wallet-friendly and relatively easy to find.