Three wines for Vietnamese salad

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Thai Vietnamese salads could get the highest score for the most ingredients in a dish. And that covers just the dish, not its sauce.

A Thai dish like Ann Vogel’s “out of this world salad” combines a wide variety of taste sensations. There is salty, sweet, sour, spicy, bitter, herbal and earthy and all these flavors are interacting with each other. On top of all that, we’re tasked with adding another component: a wine to go with it.

So we’re going to cover all our bases and recommend three wines.

The first is a Torrontés. This Argentine grape produces a wine with beautiful aromatics and lovely citrus tones. Argentina’s Don Rodolfo Torrontés 2011 is $10 and has a very floral nose with lots of citrus, great balance and a fresh finish.

Our second recommendation is a riesling which is always a perfect partner with most Asian cuisines. It has a sweetness level to match the sweet-and-sour sauce. For this, look for Latah Creek Winery’s 2011 riesling that sells for $8.

And then there is that unpronounceable, Gewürztraminer. It has the aromatics, the sweetness and the complexity to work with a complex dish.

Château Ste. Michelle’s winemaker Bob Berthau says the 2010 Columbia Valley Gewürztraminer “is an enjoyable wine with exuberant fruit and clove spice.”

He describes the wine as “lush” with floral characters but even with all that the wine “still maintains the grape’s natural crisp character.” Berthau recommends his wine with Thai food or “any cuisine with a little ‘bite’ to it.”

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  1. Hmm, the title says “Vietnamese salad” and yet the article says “Thai” salad. Either that’s one heck of a typo or some geographical shifting has taken place.

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