Summer sippers for summer salads

We’ve got the perfect summer wine for Ann Vogel’s summer ribbon salads. And because she offers two salad dressings, we’re going to recommend two wines.

For the fresh vegetable ribbons with raspberry vinaigrette, how about a chilled rosé? (Pronounced “roe-say” when it has that do-hickey over the e.)

A cool salad with a cold bottle, what could be better on these hot summer days?

We’re thinking a syrah rosé that has the same berry aroma and taste as the raspberries. When this rosé is chilled, it echoes the sweet berry flavors in the vinaigrette.

We like the body and flavors of the Domaine d’Astruc Syrah Rosé to pair with the cool ribbon salad and raspberry vinaigrette. Domaine d’Astruc is a family operation located in France’s Languedoc, just southwest of Carcassonne. They make several different wines — and a sparkler — that are a lot of bang for the buck.

For the other salad, with more Italian ingredients, we thought we’d suggest another rosé, this time with Italian roots. In 1927, Giovanni Pedroncelli purchased a Zinfandel vineyard on a hillside just west of Geyserville. This hillside vineyard is known as the Home Ranch Vineyards which surrounds the winery. The vines are predominantly head-trained zinfandel, which range in age from 95 to 4 years old.

Clearly this family has a ton of experience with zinfandel. And they make one of the best zinfandel rosés around. This ruby-red wine would pair very nicely with the Italian-styled ribbon salad with balsamic reduction.