What we’re drinking: Bainbridge’s Eagle Harbor Wine Co.

Brynn writes:

Eagle Harbor Wine Company’s 2011 Goldfinch is one of Brynn’s favorite white wines by Bainbirdge winemaker Hugh Remash. He changes the blend depending on harvest (in 2010 it was 60 percent Viognier, 40 percent Chardonnay).

This wine offers a nice balance of weight and acidity. It’s medium-bodied, which allows it to pair nicely with a full meal; but it’s also one that would go well with a simple cheese platter.

The Viognier is evident on the nose, offering floral notes with a touch of pear. These hints of honeysuckle carry through the wine, which is a blend of  Viognier (37 percent), Chardonnay (33 percent) and Roussanne (30 percent).  The Roussanne and Chardonnay bring the acidity and weight to the glass.

Remash gets his grapes from Walla Walla and has a French-influenced winemaking style. The wine retails for $18.50.

*This is part of a series of reviews of Bainbridge Island wines recently tried at the Bainbridge Uncorked event, which featured the island’s winemakers.