What we’re drinking: Kiona Estate Zinfandel

Brynn writes:

Since the little one’s been born I’ve been able to venture back into the wonderful world of wine, where I can now sip safely and feel little guilt about indulging in a glass or two each week.

I recently attended a wedding at Urban Enoteca in Seattle’s industrial district. My best friend from elementary school was getting married, so of course I wanted to be there for her special day, but I’m not going to lie, the venue is also a big part of why I wanted to attend the wedding.

So just three weeks after giving birth I packed up the baby and took him to his first wedding – and took myself to my first tasting where I could do more than sip and spit if I wanted to. Having largely stayed away from wine for the last nine months I took it slow — I didn’t even use the four free tastings we got for being wedding guests — and enjoyed every sip.

One of the wines I tried that I really enjoyed was the Estate Zinfandel from Red Mountain’s Kiona Vineyards and Winery. Now there’s probably no surprise here that I’d like this wine since Kiona is one of my favorite Washington wineries, but I’m not a huge Zin fan, so I was pleasantly surprised with what I tasted.

The Zin is estate grown and bottled and has hints of time spent on oak. Here’s what the winemaker has to say about it:

A bold wine with spicy, dark berry fruit flavors. It has ample structure to stand up to heartier dishes and a luscious, rich flavor profile that will surprise fans of California Zinfandel with its balance and integration.

I looked for this wine at Fred Meyer hoping to find it since they have a couple of other Kiona wines in stock, but unfortunately it didn’t appear to be one of the ones they carry. You can purchase the wine from the website, or take a trip to Seattle and visit Urban Enoteca where you can not only taste it and other Washington wines, you can purchase any of the ones you enjoy.

2 thoughts on “What we’re drinking: Kiona Estate Zinfandel

  1. Hi Brynn –

    Thank you for enjoying our wines. You can ask the wine steward at your local Fred Meyer to special order the Zinfandel for you. Turnaround is usually less than a week and it doesn’t cost anything extra. This can even be done over the phone to save you a trip.

    We have one acre of Zinfandel as it is notoriously difficult to grow in Washington. This makes it one of the rarer Kiona wines in existence which is why you don’t see it too often out in the wild. Won’t be a problem for the special order though!

    Thanks again, we are glad you liked our juice. If you have any questions, please let me know.


    JJ Williams
    Kiona Vineyards and Winery

    1. Thanks for the response JJ, I’ll make sure to ask the next time I’m in the store and see our wine steward. Definitely a wine I’d like to add to our wine rack.

      — Brynn

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