Spring barrel tasting in Belfair

Brynn writes:

I shared this earlier this week (or maybe it was last week) on Facebook, but wanted to also post it here so people were aware of a wine tasting event this Saturday in Belfair.

Mosquito Fleet Winery is opening its barrels for the public to taste at its first spring barrel tasting event. If you forgot, we wrote about Mosquito Fleet and its inaugural tasting in February. Mary and I were impressed with the wines coming from first-time winemaker Brian Petersen. Here’s our post from the tasting.

And here’s the press release from Mosquito Fleet about Saturday’s barrel tasting:

This May 12th event, hosted by the owners of Mosquito Fleet Winery, is an experience not to be missed. You will be led through tastes of the upcoming vintages. From our recently blended 2010 Meritage to our velvety Syrah and our classic Cabernet Sauvignon, you will have the opportunity to taste these young wines and imagine how much more decadent they will become as their character continues to develop.

The impact that our artisan choices and hand-crafted efforts have on our wines is tremendous. Our winemaker will talk through his barrel selections, utilization of specific yeasts, and the cellar practices that help make Mosquito Fleet wines so special.

The flavors and overall experience will nod a tribute to the Puget Sound’s famed Mosquito Fleet and the impact they had on our area.

Just as the Mosquito Fleet brought communities and people together, this tasting opportunity may be the gateway to re-connect with old friendships, forge some new ones, and partake in the most recently discovered gem of the South Sound….Mosquito Fleet Winery!

We look forward to sharing a vintner’s voyage with you!

Please register by purchasing a Barrel Tasting Coupon from our online store.


  • What: Spring barrel tasting
  • When: Saturday, May 12; 12 to 4 p.m.
  • Where: Mosquito Fleet Winery, 21 NE Old Belfair Highway, Belfair
  • Info: Jacy 360-340-1862
  • Tickets: $25, available at mosquitofleetwinery.com