What we’re drinking: Argyle sparkling wine

Mary writes:

I recently had a bit of very good news and thought it appropriate to pop the cork on a bottle of bubbly to celebrate.

My go-to bottle is the elegant, balanced and aged Argyle brut. This may cost a bit more but Argyle releases their bruts later other wineries. The current vintage is the 2008. This gives the wine time to marry and boy, is it worth it.

Aromas include honeysuckle, apple, melon and freshly risen dough with hints of spice and red currant. The bubbles are small and effervescent in the mouth — that’s the part that makes you grin. The palate is mineral complimented by lemon zest, currant and bread dough with a long, pleasing finish.

Argyle was established in 1987 in Dundee, Oregon. Their chardonnay and pinot noir are exceptional values. We especially get a giggle out of the labels designated “Nuthouse.”

A good many wineries in this area started out as a hazelnut processing plant — Oregon produces a boatload of hazelnuts. In the Dundee Hills, hazelnuts are the only other agricultural crop besides wine grapes. So as a tribute to their heritage, Argyle established the “Nuthouse” line of wines with a “Nuthouse Chardonnay” and “Nuthouse Pinot Noir.”