What we’re tasting at Taste Washington

Taste Washington is upon us and is always the case with these large-scale tastings, it’s best to arrive prepared.

Clearly with more than 200 wineries pouring multiple wines this weekend at the CenturyLink event center there is no way anyone will be able to taste everything. Heck, even if you attend both days of the event, you probably wouldn’t even get close to visiting half of the wineries.

And that’s OK. Before heading into an event like Taste Washington it’s best to be prepared. If you’re not, you can easily find yourself overwhelmed, and while you’ll probably still have a great time you could miss out on some great wines.

That’s why we pour over the list of attendees to whittle down our “must taste list” before heading into the event.

Our lists may be overly ambitious, but it’s also good to have some fall back wineries you want to visit, in case the tables are packed and you can’t get to your preferred destination right away.

Beyond attending these events with lists in hand, we also make sure we’re properly hydrated and ready to spit whenever we can to keep our taste buds from hitting the wall too early. Not to mention we want to be able to walk out of there on a relatively straight line.

So who are we looking at visiting this year? Here’s our list:

  • BalboaWinery
  • Basel Cellars
  • Brian Carter
  • Castillo de Feliciana
  • Cave B’s Barbera
  • Cascade Cliffs
  • Columbia Crest’s Dr. Walter Clore Red Blend
  • Domaine Pouillon
  • Efeste
  • Doubleback’s Walla Walla Cab
  • Eaglemout Wine and Cider
  • Elsom Cellars’ Malbec
  • Gorman
  • Gramercy Cellars
  • Hightower
  • Januick
  • Jones of Washington
  • K Vintners
  • Kana Cellars Dark Star
  • Long Shadows Vintners
  • Maison Bleue
  • Mark Ryan’s Long Haul and Dead Horse
  • Mercer Estate’s Petite Verdot
  • O S Winery
  • Pepperbridge Winery
  • Powers Winery’s 2008 Cab
  • Rotie Cellars
  • St. Laurant Winery
  • Saviah Cellars
  • SmasneCellars
  • Sparkman Cellars
  • Syncline
  • Tertulia H3 Carmenere
  • Tranche Cellars slice of Pape Rhones