What wine goes with butternut squash lasagna?

When we first read that this week’s recipe from Ann Vogel would be for lasagna, we immediately went through our mental catalog to seek out a less familiar Italian wine pairing for the traditional Italian dish.

Then we read the recipe.

Hmm. Instead of going the traditional route, Vogel has opted to change things up by substituting the beloved tomato sauce with cubed butternut squash and olive oil. A great fall dish, we agree, but there goes our plan to recommend a Sangiovese.

Instead we’re heading to the white wine category for this recommendation. Our goal is to balance the sweetness of the squash with the savory flavors of the Romano, Parmesan and mozzarella cheeses.

We think the perfect wine to do that is a Pinot Grigio. (Hey we have to stick to the Italian theme, don’t we?)

We recommend Robert Mondavi’s Woodbridge Pinot Grigio. The winery says its 2010 vintage does great on its own, but can stand up to food nicely. The varietal originated along Italy’s northern coast, which means it pairs well with seafood and other fresh, light foods.

The Woodbridge Pinot has a citrus finish that the winemaker recommends pairing with Parmesan dishes — another reason why we think it will go with this lighter version of lasagna.

And the best thing about the wine? It’s widely available and will run you $7 or less.

If you’re looking for something a little more expensive — especially if you plan to make this lasagna the centerpiece dish of a harvest dinner for friends — we also recommend picking up a bottle, or two, of Willamette Valley winery Elk Cove Pinto Gris.

This wine is sublime with a crisp citrus palate and full mouthfeel on the finish, allowing it to easily stand up to any dish. It runs about $20 and can be found at the grocery store.

3 thoughts on “What wine goes with butternut squash lasagna?

    1. Heybooboo,

      Those both also sound like wonderful compliments. If you end up making the recipe and trying one of those two will you let us know how the pairing went?

      Thanks for the response,


  1. Hy Brynn, I don’t really plan to make the recipe but have tried cava and sparkling wines with squash and they are a nice complement. Both also go well with cheeses (the white or aged ones, not so much ones like cheddar). That’s why when I saw your blog and the recipe, I thought I’d add those possibilities. CostPlus carries a good cava wine (I forget the brand but the bottle has yellow-orange labeling wrapped all around it). A good sparkling at Trader Joe’s is the Almond Creek sparkling wine–it’s a steal.

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