What we’re drinking: Bogle Vineyards

Brynn writes:

This week I tried a wine I don’t drink very often: Petite Sirah.

This one was by Bogle Vineyards, a California wine. I was first introduced to Bogle by Consumer Reports, which suggested the winery’s Chardonnay as a best value wine — good wine for a good price.

I’d say the Petite Sirah follows suit. I’m always skeptical of “good valued” reds; worried the finish might end on an acidic note. My sips of this wine were a pleasant surprise.

Its deep purple color let me know the tannins would be strong. It was jammy up front, but I was happy to find a smooth finish, highlighted by the sweetness from time spent in oak.

Petite Sirah is unique to California much like Zinfandel. It tastes and looks like Syrah and Shiraz but it’s not from the same family. It’s related to a rare grape variety called Duriff named after a botanist that discovered it. The purple inky color comes from the petite size of the grapes.

Here’s the notes from the winemaker:

Thirty-two years after it was first produced by the Bogle family in 1978, Petite Sirah is today considered Bogle’s “heritage” varietal. Once again the trademark qualities shine through in a wine that is the perfect integration of fruit and oak. Full-bodied on the entry, aromas of black plum jam and toasty oak set the stage for what is to come. Vibrant boysenberries and luscious fruit are framed by serious tannins, while wisps of leather and vanilla seduce just enough. A final touch of acidity finishes the wine with a precisely balanced mouth feel.

Served best with:
Try this unique wine with rich meat dishes of lamb, pork or game and their hearty sauces.

Vintage: 2008
Appellation: California
Vineyard Source: Clarksburg & Lodi
Harvest Dates: September 19 through October 9, 2008
Release Date: June 2010
Alcohol: 13.5%

Bogle is found in most grocery stores and from what I could see this wine runs between $10 and $14, but likely varies in price depending on location.