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Bremerton’s week in review, Feb. 1-7

Photo by Meegan M. Reid.
Photo by Meegan M. Reid.

Signs are going in asking for you to not smoke in Bremerton parks (but not require it.)

Two breweries announced their intentions to open in downtown Bremerton within the next few months.

The police department’s morning booze ban appears to be fizzling.

Two out of three people wanted in a Jan. 23 carjacking have been captured.

The City Council made a list of goals for 2015 and then live streamed their discussion of them.

A man was convicted by jury of shooting a homeless man in the Fred Meyer Parking lot in November 2013.

The USS Ranger aircraft carrier’s departure from Bremerton for dismantling has been delayed.

The Stennis came back to Bremerton following more training.

The foundry, a 103-year-old building in the shipyard, is getting an overhaul.

A suspect was arrested in ongoing thefts on Marine Drive.

The Bremerton Housing Authority just got more money to help those teetering on homelessness.

The water in a stream inside NAD park is orange but health officials say it’s harmless.

The city bid farewell to its managing engineer.

Amy Burnett’s Pyrex Museum Store emerged anew.

And finally, we got a visit from Orca whales! (OK, this was admittedly in January.)