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In defense of a bathroom ribbon cutting

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Yes, there was a ribbon cutting at a new bathroom at Gold Mountain Golf Club. No, I did not go. Reporters don’t generally get too excited about such PR events; they’re often a political photo-op about a subject we’ve already covered.

In this case, I have to admit that cutting a ribbon — well, in this case, cutting toilet paper — seemed subpar for the course as ribbon cuttings go (pun intended). But several city leaders told me this was not just any bathroom.

Daryl Matheny, general manager of the club, said in an email that replacement of the old bathroom was “LONG overdue.”

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“The new bathroom has been a long time coming, and yes there are many golfers out here (as well as my entire team) who are extremely excited about our new edition,” he said.

The city actually put a contract out for the bathroom replacement; bids came in more than double what the city estimated it would cost. So the city constructed the new loo in-house for about $36,000, according to interim parks director Jeff Elevado.

That’s not the only improvement at Bremerton’s municipal golf complex. Gold Mountain’s also adding a new outdoor wedding venue in time for summer and extending the 5th hole on the Cascade course to make it a par 5, Matheny told me.

Gold Mountain, which is managed by Columbia Hospitality, is known as one of the premier clubs in the northwest but is still saddled with a heavy debt load of around $5 million.

As for the bathroom: I’m told that several golfers were happy to christen the new restroom upon the completion of the ribbon cutting. OK, I’ll stop now.