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Bremerton’s newest arcade has flair for nostalgia

Jason Greye.

Calling all pinball wizards and nostalgic gamers: the arcade tailor-made for you is finally set to open in Bremerton.


Another Castle Arcade Edition will open its doors for the first time at 3 p.m. Thursday, with a full grand opening 24 hours later at 305 Pacific Avenue. It’s full of retro arcade games like Pac-Man and Tetris that will speak to a generation of gamers who grew up on the cusp of the 21st century. But it also has an array of pinball machines whose popularity has been blossoming, according to Jason Greye, its manager.

All that with a full compliment of liquor and local beer on tap.

“You can spin it any way you want, but I’m a nerd bar,” Greye said. “This is a place for people to geek out as much as they want.”

He envisions a pinball league forming likes ones that have exploded around Seattle. He’s also excited to be part of the downtown Bremerton community. He’s forged a partnership with LoveCraft Brewery, in which they’ll be hosting beers on tap in exchange for a pinball machine on loan at the Fifth Street brewhouse.

Big Mario is watching.

And, in one of the more creative uses of window dressing ever realized, visitors can play the Super Nintendo version of Super Mario World while the Pacific Avenue world passes by.

Greye’s been working for 14 months to bring Another Castle to Bremerton. Company management was picking between Bremerton and Everett for their next location, to go with ones in Edmonds and Belligham. A South Kitsap High School class of 1999 graduate, he fought for Bremerton.

The Super Mario World nook.

On the eve of its opening, he’s feeling glad he did. An initial Facebook post announcing the opening has been making the rounds like nothing he’s seen before.

“Nothing we’ve ever done has had this kind of response,” he said.

The arcade is not alone in Bremerton. The Bremerton Beat last year broke news of Quarters Arcade’s arrival on Fourth Street near Park Avenue. And The Coffee Pot Arcade (pictured below) recently opened on Callow Avenue and plans to grow into a space there near Safeway.

Another Castle is limited to those 21 and older. It plans to be open every weekday at 3 p.m. and at noon on weekends. Most every night, it will be open until midnight and sometimes later, Greye said.


Mayor’s ‘Move to Bremerton’ campaign up and running

Move over, MxPx. Bremerton Mayor Patty Lent has started a “Move to Bremerton” campaign of her own.

The mayor hired filmmaker Mike Barnet for $5,000 to create videos promoting the city, particularly its downtown and incoming apartment units. She says in the video that 400 to 500 units could open in Bremerton in the next few years. (By my own count, 315 are projects that are a go, with more in the planning stages.)

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 9.08.14 AM
Footage from the video.

Her economic pitch:

“They are twice the size that the pod apartments in Seattle and across the water (are), and half the price,” Lent says.

She also talks up the city’s World War II-era housing stock, saying “sturdy” homes make “great fixer-uppers” for young families. It’s an “old city with a new look,” that’s pedestrian-friendly, she says. And there’s no comparison between an I-5 commute, and a “much more relaxing,” ” fun,” “and a beautiful ride,” the ferries provide.

“We invite you all to come live in Bremerton,” she concludes.

Lent told me Friday that she’s hopeful that some employees of Seattle’s biggest companies will want to move to town, and that if enough of them come, the Boeings and the Microsofts will even want to pay for faster ferry service to Seattle.

Check out the other videos Barnet has made here.

Oh, and, let’s give credit where credit’s due, to the original “Move to Bremerton” campaign:

Beat blast: 5 things happening around town this week

This week, it’s time for you to meet to Anima. I’ll give you a hint: she lives downtown. In just four minutes, you’ll be properly introduced, and up on all the news in Bremerton, including:


The women’s comedy film festival coming to Bremerton

The new public art going up at intersections

The downtown Bremerton building that’s for sale 

The big meeting coming up over the bark park 

The lawn-troversy at 11th and Warren

And, as a bonus, tell me what you think of Anima! Shoot me a note at


Saboteur Bakery to open Fourth Street location

The new home of Saboteur Bakery.

We won’t have to wait for Bremerton’s newest bakery to open in its destined space near Evergreen-Rotary Park. Matt Tinder, the acclaimed baker behind Saboteur, confirmed to me this week that he’s opening up a retail space at 245 Fourth Street, in the heart of downtown.

Tinder said he’s excited to open as soon as Feb. 1 in his first permanent space in Bremerton.

“I can’t just be doing popups,” Tinder told me. “I want to start doing something more than that.”

Tinder and his fiancee Kate Giuggo will share a space with Envy-Fit, the pole dancing studio run by Adrienne McLaughlin. Classes will still be held there toward the back of the building, with Saboteur occupying the front. Patrons can look forward to “a nice mixture of pastries” and bread, to include bagels and croissants. The product will be mostly “savory and healthy,” he said. They’ll also serve up coffee.

The couple really likes Fourth Street, to include new brewery Wobbly Hopps and the iconic Roxy Theater. Tinder, who grew up on Kauai, recalls fondly a Roxy theater there too, that has sadly since been demolished.

The couple’s longterm plans are to move in to the Quonset hut off 13th Street near Evergreen-Rotary Park. But it will take some time to remodel the steel drum-shaped structure and, as Tinder said, they’re eager to get going. Currently, he’s baking at a facility in Redmond for the pop-ups he’s been hosting — a daunting commute.


It’s going to get a lot shorter. Tinder plans to bake at Evergreen Kitchen just down the street.

And even when the Quonset hut has been transformed into a commercial bakery, Saboteur would like to stay downtown. He sees an emergence of nightlife on the street and is contemplating cooking up pizzas to satisfy nighttime appetites.

If you can’t wait ’til February you’ll want to be at LoveCraft Brewing Company, 275 Fifth Street, at 4 p.m. Saturday. Saboteur will open a pop-up there at that time. I’ll be near downtown for my monthly Story Walk and plan to stop by. Hope to see you there.

Beat Blast: 5 things you must know in Bremerton this week

In this Bremerton beat blast, we journey to the end of Pacific Avenue, in search of the city’s newest pop-up store. (Spolier alert: We find it!)

In this week’s edition, you will learn:

1. What pop-up businesses are invading Bremerton?
2. Where can you spot Santa this Friday?
3. What cuts are the Bremerton City Council planning to make?
4. Where will Bremerton’s newest arcade be located?
5. Where can I take a free Bremerton history tour Saturday?

As always, let me know what you think. Oh, and see you Friday at Winterfest, Magic in Manette, and more!



Bremerton Beat Blast: 5 things to know happening in Bremerton this week

Stories featured this week:

1. This Bremerton theater is under contract with a local developer
2. Detectives investigate a murder in East Bremerton
3. The 2-year election battle shaping up
4. Is the ferry terminal’s door broken again?
5. Which Bremerton landmark has a birthday today?

Please let me know what you think! Suggestions welcomed at

Roxy today, Roxy yesterday. Photo by Meegan M. Reid.
Roxy today, Roxy yesterday. Photo by Meegan M. Reid.

Who will live in Bremerton’s new apartments?

The 606.
The 606.

Jude Willcher was looking for a better deal on her rent. The Seattle resident, who currently lives on First Hill, looked at all points north, east and south.

A friend reminded her of the last option: west.

In late-August, she took the ferry to Bremerton, taking in downtown and noting the construction of The 606 apartments on Burwell Street.

She was sold.

“I said, hey, this is all I need in one spot,” she said. “And I can walk to the ferry.”

Willcher is among the first residents of the 71-unit complex, set to open in December. Garret Quaiver, the building’s manager, has already rented out about a third of the units, many around $1,000 a month. Other renters so far include workers at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard and sailors.

For Willcher, her rent payment will drop by about half. And while she has a car, she’d prefer to take a boat to her job in downtown Seattle.

“In most places I would have an hour commute anyway,” she said. “This way I get some quality time.”

Next Tuesday, the Kitsap Sun will host its latest Story Walk in Bremerton: a tour of the 606 and SEEfilm Cinemas. We’ll begin at 5 p.m. at the theater, 655 Fourth Street. The tour will include a discussion with PJ Santos, the project’s developer.

The nearby Sweet and Smokey Diner and Toro Lounge will also be catering the event. Hope you can make it. RSVP here.

UPDATE: Special thanks to all who came out! We hosted about 110 people, our biggest Story Walk ever! 

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Beat blast: 5 things to know in Bremerton this week

Stories featured this week:

1. Which presidential candidates are tweeting about Joe Kennedy
2. Can you legally jump off a Bremerton bridge?
3. The Olympic mountains got a present
4. Which pot store brings in the most cash in Kitsap?
5. Go on a tour of Bremerton’s newest apartments

Please let me know what you think! Suggestions welcomed at

Photo by Pat Gleason.
Photo by Pat Gleason.

$8 million recreation center closes in on breaking ground

Architect's rendering of the Marvin Williams Center.
Architect’s rendering of the Marvin Williams Center.

$755,000 is all that stands in the way of a dramatic change in landscape at Eighth Street and Park Avenue. That might sound like a lot but put it this way: more than $7.2 million has been raised to create a west Bremerton recreation center the likes of which the community has never seen.

The planned Marvin Williams Center’s latest success was a $100,000 donation from longtime developer Tim Ryan. Larry Robertson, pastor of Bremerton’s Emmanuel Apostolic Church and president of the New Life Development Agency that’s building the center, is confident construction will begin in spring 2016.

“We’re marching now,” he said. “It’s exciting to finally be ready to start construction.”

He acknowledges there’s still some fundraising left to do but believes the money will be there by the end of the year. Tim and Beverly Ryan also hosted a fundraising dinner at their home that Robertson called successful as well.

The two-story, 18,000 square-foot center will include a basketball court and recreational facilities, to go with a job training and skills center. Donations have come from public and private sources.

All that’s there now is a grassy hill and a set of stairs.

“I am overwhelmed and humbled by the positive response from the public,” Robertson said. “Together, we are going to make West Bremerton a better place.”

The center is named for Marvin Williams, the NBA star who grew up in Bremerton. Watch a video about what the center means to him below.

Beat blast: 5 things to know in Bremerton this week

Stories featured this week: 

Photo by Bob Johnson
  1. The whales came to Bremerton Sunday
  2. A bookstore may be in store for downtown Bremerton
  3. Joe Kennedy may sue the district if he can’t pray after games
  4. Two bank robberies, one day
  5. 10-year-old gets new bike after hers was stolen

Hope you enjoy our inaugural edition. Please write me with questions or concerns.