Beat blast: Chimacum, an ‘allery’ and a whole lotta paint

Grass roots public art has enjoyed a surge this summer in Bremerton. Many back alleys, vacant walls and utility boxes have gotten the color treatment, as a community of artists has emerged to take part.

In this, the visual arts edition of the Bremerton Beat Blast, you’ll learn:

That 16 local artists will have their works immortalized on the near Chimacum ferry, which will start running in Bremerton next spring. Submit your artwork here and make sure to do it by Nov. 1.

How the West Sound Arts Council transformed a back alley downtown in the city’s first 24-7 art gallery;

On a serious note, we’ll recap some terrifying recent incidents involving local residents “huffing” to get high — and with serious, sometimes fatal consequences;

Why Manette’s business association purchased a “wayfinding” sign program;

And finally, an update on the “Free-for-Wall” at the site of the old Maple Leaf Tavern, which has artists adding new creations to it on a daily basis. Watch Filmmaker Wes Weaver’s whole documentary here.

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