Beat Blast: Harbor fest, a closed gate and the end of the ‘Bay’ Bowl

If you’ve been by the Bay Bowl on Lower Wheaton Way recently, you’ll notice there’s something missing. The letters are gone, spelling another shift for the once-popular bowling alley along the bluffs of the Port Washington Narrows.

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 3.11.50 PM
Photo by Meegan Reid.

Elsewhere in this week’s Beat Blast, you’ll learn:

Where to party — or, even better, where to get your STEM-learning on — during this weekend’s Kitsap Harbor Festival.

How a Tacoma man’s plans to bring a car dealership to East Bremerton won’t happen due to city zoning.

What it will take to get the Turner Joy restored for its next 15 years.

Why the Navy closed a popular trail between Jackson Park and Marine NAD Park. (And here’s the petition to ask them to open it back up.)

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One thought on “Beat Blast: Harbor fest, a closed gate and the end of the ‘Bay’ Bowl

  1. So the big dealers on auto center way get to benefit from city rules to restrict competition? Big surprise there. How exactly is a small dealer going to be able to buy property over on autocenter way? They wont… they just don’t get to go into business, and as a result, the average consumer in our town will have fewer choices. I get it, the city doesn’t want 303 to look like highway 99… Guess what… it already does. Doesn’t it seem counter productive to zone a car dealer out of business right between another car dealer and an auto shop? Giving people the freedom to use their property as they see fit might mean that the city doesn’t develop the way the planners see fit… but it might just mean we actually get to see development. How long will we wait for the kind of high density apartments/business that the planners want for the 303? I don’t know. More empty field and abandoned k-marts and no new jobs or business.

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