Bremerton cop inadvertently stomps flower … then replaces it

The new Iris.

Law enforcement can get messy sometimes. Such was the case Wednesday, as officers converged on the house of a man suffering a mental health crisis in West Bremerton. As officers surrounded the place, a sergeant, Randy Plumb, inadvertently stepped on an Iris in the neighbor’s yard.

“The very nice neighbor expressed great thankfulness we were there doing our job, but also expressed her displeasure in the sergeant stepping on her plants,” Plumb wrote in his report of the incident.

Be sure to note that Sgt. Plumb referred to himself in the third person, which Bremerton Police Chief Steve Strachan believes might have been to “create a distance from personal responsibility.” (If it isn’t obvious, the chief has a good sense of humor.) 

Plumb did indeed take personal responsibility, however. Following “much grief” from colleagues there, he drove to Bremerton City Nursery and purchased a brand new, fully grown Iris for the neighbor, Jen Budis.

“When the Sergeant explained the circumstances to the nursery employee, they laughed and insisted on giving him a discount,” Strachan said.  “With his tail between his legs, Sgt. Plumb responded back to the neighbor’s house, offered an apology, and presented the new iris plant.”

And Budis’ response? She took to Facebook to share it. 

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 9.45.06 AM

And, more good news: Bremerton police, with help of deputies from the Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office, were able to help the man in crisis out of his home and the situation was resolved safely.

The new Iris, too, is reportedly doing well.  

4 thoughts on “Bremerton cop inadvertently stomps flower … then replaces it

  1. Great story and good for the image of cops.
    Bremerton City Nursery is a good one. Not big but good variety and nice people.

  2. Good work Sargent Plumb. John & Teresa who own the Bremerton City Nursery are good people and their actions in insisting on the discount are just who they are and what they do for the community.

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