‘Nice Bremerton Couple’ gets spotlight on NBC’s Today Show

Photo from the Today Show's Instagram account.
Photo from the Today Show’s Instagram account.

If you happened to watch the Today Show last Monday, you may have noticed there was a “Nice Bremerton Couple” in the audience. 

The sign East Bremerton residents Bud and Linda Witte made — a repurposing of the NBC acronym — not only made the show but its Instagram account. It was a simple goal of the couple, who are both lifelong area residents.

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“It was just fun to see them in person,” Linda Witte said. “And shake Al Roker’s hand.”

They had to wake up and get down to Rockefeller Plaza early in the morning — some had even been there since 4 a.m. — to get a good enough spot behind the show’s studio.

Part of their motivation was to bring back memories for some students of PineCrest Elementary, where their daughter Kim teaches and where the retired couple both volunteer.

As for the “Nice Bremerton Couple” sign itself, Linda Witte said it just made a good fit. There was one point on their trip where the seed may have been planted, however. The Wittes dined at Ellen’s Stardust Diner on Broadway, a place where the waitstaff not only brings food to your table, but also sings while they do it.

They were both impressed with the kindness of New Yorkers and felt our area, too, is one known for its nice people. They ended up chatting with one employee at Ellen’s for some time.

The employee could tell they were out-of-towners. But before he left their table, he complemented them.

“You’re a nice couple,” he told them.

Here’s some pictures they got along the way.


IMG_1892 IMG_1914 IMG_1900 IMG_1894

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