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  1. In about 1988. I got a call from a woman in New York who was. Visual Research Producer from Cort Productions. She got my number from Historical Society. I have a movie of down town Bremerton in 1937. My grandfather went all around and took movies. Quincy’s brother who worked at channel 4 and the woman from New York came to my house about 3 times. Being born here I knew a lot of black families from my brothers and the pharmacy where I worked. I took them to a couple families that remembered his parents. I went to dinner at I think it was Black Masonic Hall on Burwell. They went on a picnic to Mission Lake with my relatives.?They needed some footage of Down town Bremerton for his biography. They bought 15 seconds of it for $1000.00. Later Channel nine called and played it on a program called Front Line. It was the year Bremerton was named Best City to live in. They lived in a house that was a cement slab with 2 bedrooms and a coal bin. A lot of them were built in Navy Yard City. They were one of first families to move in. I think they came from Chicago.

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