Beat blast: 5 things you’ve gotta know in Bremerton this week

Leading off this week’s blast are the ongoing changes happening in the Evergreen-Rotary Park neighborhood. Hope you can join us this Saturday at 1 p.m. for our latest Story Walk there; if not, here’s my weekly newscast to get you up to speed on the goings-on in town. Among them:

1. The evolution at Evergreen-Rotary Park
2. Don’t leave Lebo Boulevard in limbo
3. Bremerton Marina’s numbers are up
4. The school district’s February levy
5. The Stennis has pulled out of Bremerton

Questions or comments? I love them. Send them my way!

3 thoughts on “Beat blast: 5 things you’ve gotta know in Bremerton this week

    1. Interesting question. The rate of occupancy is irrelevant if the fee level was dropped to the point they stayed in the red.

      1. OK, here’s what our business reporter, Tad Sooter, has to say on the issue:

        “The port hasn’t posted its year-end financial report yet that would show actual expenses.

        The 2015 budget assumed $1,120,502 in expenses for the marina. About $275,000 of that was for reserve fund transfers and a share of the port’s general administrative costs.

        As of the third quarter (the latest financial statement available) actual 2015 expenses for the marina were projected at $1,035,485.

        The port told me moorage at the marina generated $465,000 in 2015.

        So if the projection held true, the marina lost about $570,000 last year.”

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