5 things you’ve gotta know in Bremerton this week

Quirky church signs, yarn bombs and red light tickets are among the topics of this week’s Bremerton Beat Blast. This week’s edition, from the basement of the Kitsap Sun, also includes where to find an incredible collection of archived Sun photos.

Answers you’ll find:

1462983_10207059161271230_2977999126397738348_n1. The East Bremerton church and its ‘sign guy.’

2. The two women who’ve made ‘yarn bombing’ a thing 

3. What’s going on with Bremerton’s red light traffic program 

4. What fault line lies right under Bremerton

5. Where to find the coolest vintage photos from the Sun’s past photographers 

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One thought on “5 things you’ve gotta know in Bremerton this week

  1. 6600 to 9000 tickets in a one year period… a 50% increase! . What an interesting coincidence in timing that the increase should occur just after the city was discussing eliminating the program because it was operating in the red.
    Can we get ask a statistics professor at OC to discuss the probability of a 50% increase in a one year period? Something has clearly changed, the first question I have is what outside entities audit the timing of the lights? How many milliseconds shorter would you have to make a yellow light to see a 5% increase in ticket revenue; to see a 15% increase? There may be a number of influences that together could result in an increase of 50%, but this just seems extraordinary.

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