Intersections of style: traffic cabinets getting artsy makeover

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 6.45.30 PM
“Salmon Woman” by Amy Burnett. Copyrighted image.

Traffic cabinets — those metal boxes that house the brains of an intersection signal — aren’t typically known for their style. But in Bremerton, they’re about to get some flash.

The city’s arts commission has selected the first two murals that will grace one traffic cabinet at 11th Street and High Avenue and another at Sixth Street and Washington Avenue. The cabinets, prone to graffiti and grit, will be beautified under a plan proposed by Mayor Patty Lent.

The first, seen above, is “Salmon Woman” by longtime Bremerton resident, proprietor and artist Amy Burnett. It will cover the cabinet at 6th and Washington.

The second, seen below, is by artist Joshua Fisher and is entitled “Pulchraphila — Beautiful Places.”

Both artists were honored at Wednesday night’s City Council meeting.

“If we want children to grow up and be involved in our cities, you have to have places worth caring for,” Fisher said of his piece.

The arts commission, which selected the art, was resurrected earlier this year by the mayor after a nearly four year hiatus due to lack of funding.

If you had a desire to design your own, fear not — there’s close to 40 traffic cabinets around the city. The commission welcomes submissions. Though their funding is limited the mayor hopes to continue the program and place designs over many cabinets in Bremerton. Cost per cabinet is about $1,800.

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 6.46.18 PM
“Pulchraphila — Beautiful Places” by Joshua Fisher.  Copyrighted image.

3 thoughts on “Intersections of style: traffic cabinets getting artsy makeover

  1. If the city council really want to beautify Bremerton how about doing something about the rundown residences between Pacific and Wheaton Way.

  2. I think these designs are lovely, and uplifting to all that will see them-
    and this is a worthy use of just a small portion of our tax dollars.
    Many cities around Washington are using history and art as tourism draws,
    and it’s helping their local economies.

    Helping your local economy and providing beauty and inspiration?
    Yup, that’s worthwhile!

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