Manette’s new public art only visible in the rain

Photo by Mark Henson.

Wanna check out Bremerton’s newest public art? You’ll have to wait for some rain, or bring some water balloons along to reveal it.

That’s exactly what a group of Manette residents did on Saturday (not to mention it did actually briefly rain!). The neighborhood capped a community drive that brought a Seattle artist to Bremerton Saturday with a big reveal, on a sidewalk underneath the Manette Bridge.

The company behind the design is called Rainworks, and they’ve done around 50 of these pieces, according to artist and founder Peregrine Church. He and colleague Xach Fisher utilize a non-toxic and environmentally safe product that repels water, stenciling it onto the concrete below.

Cher and Church, of Rainworks. Mark Henson photo.

They came to Manette because the groundswell of support was great. About 130 people voted through a community contest to have Rainworks come here — more than the next four communities combined.

Church called it a “high energy, fun reveal.” (I regret I was not there due to other assignments.)

“It was pretty exciting,” he said. “They were pumped for it.”

A special thanks goes out to Mark Henson, one of our area’s great photographers, for taking photos.


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