Bigfoot (conference) is coming to Bremerton

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Can you spot Bigfoot? Photo by Patrick Cooper. 

Patrick Cooper often tells people he doesn’t believe in Bigfoot. 

“Because I know there’s bigfoot,” Cooper says.

The longtime Bremerton resident, who spends time along the Hood Canal looking for the Sasquatch, is one of a dozen speakers at the Bigfoot Habituation Research Conference, coming to Bremerton’s Baymont Inn & Suites April 24-26.

The focus of this particular symposium is habituation — that is, attempting to successfully develop trust with the enigmatic species some people claim doesn’t exist.

“We want to show the evidence we’ve gathered,” said Cooper, who by day is a job coach at Easter Seals of Washington. “But the conference will also be about how to approach them in a respectful manner.”

Count Cooper as one who, when he was a kid, was questioning of their existence. But around 15 years ago, he started researching. He watched the Patterson Gimlin film, the most famous of Bigfoot movies, countless times.

He became a believer.

Along Hood Canal — he doesn’t want to say exactly where — he believes he likely found a Sasquatch about five years ago, using various techniques. He’s left some apples around and even used a tree-knocking technique that he says something or someone has responded to with similar knocks.

Because the photos he took from recent visits there aren’t exactly clear, he can only call it a “Class B” encounter, meaning the proof is not definitive.

“Unfortunately it’s what we in the Bigfoot Community call a ‘blob-squatch,'” Cooper wrote me in an email. “There’s just not enough detail to convince anyone that it’s a Sasquatch, but considering the events leading up to it coupled with my follow up visits to the site I’m convinced it’s most likely a Sasquatch.”

He hopes that with conferences like the one coming up in Bremerton, awareness and appreciation for the Sasquatch will grow.

“I can’t speak for the group as a whole, but I do believe the Sasquatch are a type of people, most likely a relic hominid, that has managed to survive in remote areas into modern times,” Cooper wrote me in an email. “My hope is that someday they will be protected, not just as an endangered species, but as a type of ancient people deserving of some basic human rights and respect.”

A three-day pass is $65, though you can purchase individual days for cheaper. Click here for more information.

Could it be? Photo by Pat Cooper.
Could it be? Photo by Pat Cooper.

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