An ‘evolution’ in East Bremerton


Might something stir the economic embers of East Bremerton’s Wheaton Way corridor? 

Fitness Evolution aims to do just that. And, it appears that at $9.99 a month for a membership, the desolate parking lots of big box stores near Riddell Road are finally filling up with some cars again.

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 9.39.18 AM

“We’ve been very successful so far,” said Ryan Anderson, general manager of the Bremerton location, amid the whirs of workout equipment.

Currently, the fast-growing company, with locations all over Puget Sound, is occupying an old storefront, akin to lifting weights and doing cardio within a grocery store. But in the months ahead, they’ll move next door to a 23,000+ square foot permanent home, specially built for the fitness center.

They’ll include all the fixings you’d imagine, plus some special amenities unique to Evolution. A “cardio cinema” will allow those working out to watch a movie together, looped all day. There’ll be childcare too.

Anderson said there’s no certain opening date for the new space yet. But “as soon as possible,” is what they’re going for, he mentioned.

Aside from providing an affordable workout experience, he’s hopeful the business can springboard further development in what has been a tough corridor to develop.

“We love neighbors,” Anderson said. “And we’re hoping to be a catalyst for more businesses here in Bremerton.”

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