Bremerton police blotter, Jan. 23-Feb. 1


Here’s a slice of what the police officers of Bremerton have been up to lately.

Stolen car, 2500 Fir Avenue: A woman reported that her car was stolen the morning of Jan. 23 after she’d started it to warm it up. The car is a Honda Accord. Police documented the theft but the report did not say whether they’d found the car yet.

Hospital outburst, 2500 Cherry Avenue: While an officer was working an unrelated detail at Harrison Medical Center Jan. 23, a patient in the emergency room “became violent” and began to fight with staff. The officer assisted the hospital staff in getting the man under control.

Vehicle prowl, 3200 Pine Road: A woman reported to police that her car alarm went off the morning of Jan. 23 and she went outside to investigate. She’d found a thief had cut into her car’s convertible top and gotten inside, taking some change, a “cheap” camera and an inexpensive pair of sunglasses. Police have no suspects.

Assault, 100 Bloomington: A man reported early Jan. 24 that he’d been punched in the face by a man he’d been letting stay at his place. He’d let the man stay there because he was “(hiding) from the police” but after the argument and assault, the guest had fled. Police are investigating.

Vehicle prowl, 4500 The Cedars: A man said that he witnessed someone get into his father’s SUV early Jan. 24, so he went to confront the apparent prowler. The prowler ran but the man was able to grab onto his backpack, pulling it off. The suspect got away but police took the backpack as evidence.

Break-in, 4800 Driftwood Street: A man allegedly forced his way into a woman’s apartment. He was not allowed to contact her by court order, but forced a door open. He demanded to use her phone but she would not let him. He was arrested and jailed.

Unhappy customer, 4200 Wheaton Way: Officers were called to a mobile phone store Jan. 28 for an unhappy customer, who was yelling at store employees. He was subsequently trespassed form the business.

Car found, 600 Broadway Avenue: An officer Jan. 28 spotted a a car stolen from a local auto dealership. The officer found a man inside, who was arrested for possessing a stolen vehicle.

Another car found, 1600 Wheaton Way: You may have seen the story we ran about the Port Orchard man arrested after a brief chase in a stolen car in Manette Jan. 30. Find the whole story here.

Assaultive shoplifter, 900 Callow Avenue: A man was arrested after twice stealing alcohol from Safeway. On the second time — the first wasn’t reported — police ran after him and caught him. He was in “severe mental distress” and fought officers, injuring one (the extent of injuries wasn’t disclosed in reports). The man was treated at Harrison Medical Center until fit to be booked into the jail.

Bar scuffle, 2900 Perry Avenue: A man was kicked out of a bar after causing a “disturbance” there, according to reports. Police were called just after midnight Jan. 31 to McClouds, where security staff explained an intoxicated man had taken a swing at a staff member. The man was taken to the ground and placed in handcuffs. He complained he was treated “roughly.” No arrests were made but the man was trespassed from the bar for 30 days.

Attempted liquor theft, 2900 Wheaton Way: A man trespassed from Albertson’s for stealing liquor attempted to do it again on Jan. 31, police said. He filled a shopping cart up with booze and, when noticed he was being watched, fled the store. Police caught up to him and he was jailed for burglary.

Squatters house, 100 South Wycoff: Officers searched a home at 113 S. Wycoff Jan. 31 after a door was reported swinging one. The house, categorized as abandoned, had sleeping bags and other evidence that it was not so abandoned after all. Officers sent their report to the community resource unit to followup with the home’s owner.

It only looked suspicious, North Wycoff at 19th Street: Officers were called Jan. 31 to a home where a man was doing yard work at almost 7 p.m. When police contacted him, he said he has permission to do yard work at the home. Police confirmed that with the home’s owner.

Burglary, 3500 11th Street: Officers went to Evergreen Health and Rehabilitation for a report of a burglary. A person had watched a man crawl inside a window. Sure enough, police found a suspect in the attic, where he’d been cutting up copper and other wiring. He even had a voltage tester to see if the wiring had electrical current, police said. He was arrested and jailed.

Stolen car found, 900 Washington Avenue: A woman reported that she was at a party Feb. 1 when she discovered her keys were gone. She went outside and her car was gone. Early on Feb. 2, the car was found near Evergreen-Rotary Park. It had been rummaged through but otherwise was fine, reports said.

Here’s a few nuggets from Bremerton Police Chief Steve Strachan’s weekly update:

“Officer Kent Mayfield handled a complex call last Saturday night. He observed a vehicle in the area of Naval Avenue and 11th Street with a blown-out tire. He followed the car as it traveled on the metal rim. Officer Mayfield stopped the car and could see it had substantial front-end damage. At about the same time, dispatch put out a call of a hit and run collision at 6th Street near Pennsylvania Avenue. Other officers got to that location, and spoke to the driver of a taxi who had been struck head-on, causing his airbags to deploy, before the suspect vehicle drove away at high speed. The driver described the suspect vehicle… surprise, surprise; it perfectly matched the car Officer Mayfield had stopped. The paint transfer between the cars even matched. The driver was arrested for DUI and Hit and Run. Great heads up work by Officer Mayfield!

Sunday afternoon Officer Spencer Berntsen and Sgt. Randy Olson were checking a neighborhood in East Bremerton on a report of a reckless driver. The vehicle was described as a white minivan that had been backed into a rock wall and possibly hit a fence. As they were checking, Sgt. Olson saw a white minivan driving by and turned around to follow it. The minivan was drifting over the shoulder and the centerline as Sgt. Olson prepared to stop it on a downhill grade, but before he could activate his lights the minivan drove onto the shoulder, over-corrected and went into the oncoming lane and back. It straightened out long enough to center-punch a smaller utility pole, when the airbag deployed and the pole was severely split. Luckily, the pole somehow remained upright and the wires attached. The driver tested a .24 alcohol content and went to jail while the power company replaced the pole.”

And finally, you can view the departments “High 5” list and “Filthy 3” by clicking here.

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