Bremerton police blotter, July 2-8


Here’s your weekly police blotter.

Burglary, 4500 Auto Center Way: A man reported July 3 that his storage unit had been broken into, and a welder, gaming machine and lock box were missing. Police have no suspects.

Illegal camping, E. 11th Street at Trenton Avenue: Officers were called July 5 to a forested trail where a tent was found. The tent was locked but there were two suitcases nearby. Officers took them for safekeeping. The woman who owned them soon called police. She said she’d been camping there for two weeks with no problem. Officers told her she’s not allowed to camp on any public property.

Theft of liquor, 2900 Perry Avenue: A man took a bottle of vodka from Red Apple July 5; by police got there the suspect was gone.

Church burglary, 1700 Trenton Avenue: Officers were called to the New Testament Christian Church for a burglary July 5. They found a skylight had been broken to gain entry but nothing else appeared to have been taken. Police have no suspects; the investigation continues.

Warrant suspect runs, 200 Elm Street: An officer July 7 observed a man with three misdemeanor warrants for his arrest. The man ran when the officer spotted him. Police combed the area, finding him in Stephenson Canyon park. Officers told him to come out, with one saying he’d use his Taser to “(light him up) like a Christmas tree.” The man came out. He was “very compliant” after that. He was taken to the jail.

Marina trespassing, 200 First Street: Police learned a man was using the private bathrooms for boaters at the Bremerton Marina July 7. They found the man taking a shower. He said he was getting ready for drug court. He was told not to return and signed a trespass notification.

Lewd conduct, 1000 Kitsap Lake Road: Officers were called July 7 for a man lying nude on the railroad tracks. Police arrived to find him in that state of undress while engaged in sexual activity with himself. Officers told him to put on clothes and, after finding he was wanted for a probation violation, took him to jail. A bag with him was found to contain methamphetamine and related paraphernalia.

Keep the peace, 1100 Naval Avenue: An officer accompanied a woman to her ex-boyfriend’s house July 7, where she said he was keeping a “bucket” of her clothes. The man wouldn’t let them in the house. The officer then told the man he was now investigating the case as a theft. The man then let them in. The clothes weren’t discovered, but a warrant for his arrest for theft was. He was taken to the Kitsap County jail.

Theft of a truck, 6500 Kitsap Way: Officers got a call from a tree service company July 7 for a report of a stolen truck. The company has its fleet tracked with GPS and noticed one truck began moving without authorization. The truck stopped on the 5800 block of Werner Avenue. The fuel pipe had been cut and gas was taken; chain saws, vehicle batteries, strobe lights and other items were also taken. The suspect had evidently found a secret key to gain access. Police have no suspects.

Missing boy, 3100 15th Street: Police were called July 7 for a report of a missing 4-year-old boy. Officers searched the area, finding the boy in a camper. The boy said he was playing hide and seek.

Stolen iPhone, 1200 Park Avenue: A businessman reported July 8 that his iPhone was stolen while he was working. He suspected a woman that had come into use a (different) phone. Police found that woman at Evergreen-Rotary Park but she denied taking the phone. No arrests have been made in the case. The phone was deactivated.

Refusing to leave, 1500 Fifth Street: Police were called July 8 for a report of a vehicle prowl. They found a man a witness said had indeed gotten into a car on the street. The car’s owner found nothing missing. But the man walked up the steps to a nearby home, whose residents said they didn’t know him or want him at their house. Police told him to leave, and even offered him a ride to Port Orchard. He wouldn’t leave. So police still gave him a ride to Port Orchard — in the back of a patrol car to jail, for trespassing.

4 thoughts on “Bremerton police blotter, July 2-8

  1. How come my burglary was not reported to the Sun? I’m at the same storage complex and was completely cleaned out and vandalized over a two week period. The entire story will really perk some ears. Public Storage has taken 0 responsibility, the Police didn’t bother coming to look and when I finally spoke to an officer after trying to report the incident online, which I was instructed to do by the 911 operator after the police said I have to report it through 911. I was rejected because you cannot report a burglary online?????? 4th contact after re-entering all stolen items one by one. I called again to have an officer call me back, I got a case number. Reported 6-18-2014 case number assigned 7-6-2014. I was the only one who did anything on cleaning creating the list pictures etc.. and final outcome…. A case number. Try looking up a case number with the BPD online, no such thing you call 911 when the BPD is closed.
    Well according to the officer who gave me my case number said “Oh another one at 4500” I said how many he said “we haven’t counted the numbers for the weekend yet!!!! I will give you the complete story if you would like. It’s better that they caught the guy taking a shower than trying to at least offer some advice on how to deal with this instead of pointing me to a website and 911!!!!!

  2. There has been a rash of vehicles getting tossed in the Union Hill area in the last month. Neighbors on both sides of me got hit. Reports to actual law enforcement has been sparse as residents are under the mistaken impression that simply telling their city councilmember about it will garner any sort of solution.

    When it comes to the budgeting and allocating of resources, the city needs stats on where and when incidents are occurring. Those stats are directly derived from reporting. No matter how small the incident, REPORT it!

    Thanks to Captain Tom Wolfe who remains available and always takes the time to respond to my questions or the information I provide to him about non-reported incidents in the “hood”.

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