Lower Wheaton’s 3 new intersections


You may have noticed that construction crews have pretty much run over a triangular lawn nestled in between the intersection of Lower Wheaton Way and Winfield Avenue. It’s all part of the $3.4 million project renovating Lower Wheaton between Manette Bridge and Lebo Boulevard.

Yes, we’ve written quite a bit about the project, detailing its amenities and its budget troubles. But lost in the luxuries of the project, to include a 10-foot sidewalk running the entire span, is the transformation of three intersections along the way.

Wheaton at 14th/Winfield, via Google Maps.
Wheaton at 14th/Winfield, via Google Maps.

The first, where that grassy triangle used to sit, will make the stretch safer for pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists alike. The project will take Winfield Avenue and 14th Street and bring them together at their own intersection (drivers on Winfield will have the right of way). The two roads will become one and go right over that former grassy triangle, and intersect in only one spot Lower Wheaton perpendicularly.

Next to change will be Lower Wheaton’s intersection at 18th Street and Marlow Avenue. This time, the triangular grassy knoll (no, not that grassy knoll) won’t be taken out, just given a haircut, so that 18th can bend southward so it intersects Lower Wheaton at a perpendicular angle. Marlow Avenue, between 18th and Lower Wheaton, will go away altogether.

Wheaton at 18th Street. Google Maps.
Wheaton at 18th Street. Google Maps.

In sum, four roads that currently connect to Lower Wheaton will become two.

Make sense?

And finally, crews will remake the intersection at Lower Wheaton at Cherry Avenue and Lebo Boulevard. But the only big change here, which I’m sure you’ve already noticed, is the conversion of the intersection from a traffic signal to a four-way stop.

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  1. The most dangerous (albeit least-used) intersection on Lower Wheaton Way is at 16th ST. Any changes planned there?

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