Bremerton police blotter, June 4-9

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Bremerton Police Lt. Pete Fisher talks to a woman on 19th Street.

Several establishments that sell alcohol got busted in Bremerton recently, after allegedly selling liquor to minors. Those incidents and more are in this week’s Bremerton police blotter. Here’s the full scoop:

Domestic assault, 1900 Naval Avenue: A man apparently assaulted his girlfriend June 5 after an argument. She did not want to cooperate with police. The man, located later, would not talk to the police about the incident. Witnesses who knew the couple were concerned about his violence. He was taken to the Kitsap County Jail.

Found license, 100 Washington Avenue: Kids on skateboards found a man’s driver’s license June 5. Police took it for safekeeping.

Theft of bike, 600 Washington Avenue: A man reported that an unknown suspect had cut his bike lock, taking his $1,600 bike June 5. Police have no suspects.

Stolen lanterns, 600 Washington Avenue: A woman told police that she’d watched on her home surveillance system a man come into her yard and steal two small lanterns, valued at about $25, June 5. Police have no suspects.

Theft of bicycle, 100 Washington Avenue: A man’s mountain bike was stolen from the bike racks at the lower level of the ferry terminal June 6. It had been locked. Police have no suspects.

Shoplifting, 4200 Wheaton Way: A woman reported to police that three women came into a beauty supply business June 6 and, while one woman talked to staff, the other two stole about $100 in beauty products. The store has video of the incident. Police are still investigating.

Scam, 4100 Westview Drive: A man called police June 6 to say he and his wife had received a call from someone claiming to be his grandson, and that his grandson needed money because he was stuck in the Dominican Republic. The couple was set to send almost $10,000 when their bank manager said it was strange and convinced them not to. Police confirmed it was a scam.

Liquor violation, 3500 Wheaton Way: An officer working with the liquor control board went into 7-Eleven with an 18-year-old in an attempt to buy alcohol June 6. The 18-year-old was successful in purchasing a Bud Light. The officer identified himself and the clerk said it was “really busy” in the store as rationale for not checking her ID. Police sent information to the liquor board and recommended charges to the Bremerton prosecutor for selling liquor to minors.

Liquor violation, 2100 Sixth Street: Another officer working with an undercover minor to do compliance checks June 6 on area businesses found that the Arco gas station at 6th and Naval sold a 4 Loko to a 19-year-old. The liquor board was informed and charges are pending.

Liquor violation, 3700 Kitsap Way: Another liquor compliance check June 6 found that the R&H Mart sold six pack of Corona to a 19-year-old. The liquor board was informed and charges are pending.

Vehicle prowling, 300 Callow Avenue: A man said that his car was rummaged through while he was at work at an adult entertainment store June 6. Taken from his car were his Vicodin pills. Police have no suspects.

Theft of cards, 900 Pearl Street: A woman reported that she’d left her wallet in a residence June 6, only to return and find several credit and debit cards taken out of the wallet. Police are investigating.

Building code violation, 700 Wallin Street: An officer June 6 had noticed for months there have been people living in a travel trailer, which is illegal under city code. He went by and found people were paying rent to stay in the trailer and that the owner was nearby. The owner was told monetary fines could be levied if people were living in the trailer longer than 30 days.

Shoplifting, 4900 Kitsap Way: Officers were called to WinCo Foods, where a woman was found to have stolen $43 worth of products June 7. She also had prescription drugs in her purse she wasn’t authorized to have. She was taken to jail.

Assault, 4600 Bay Vista Boulevard: Police said a woman who was paying off a $40 drug debt in a field was attacked by those she owed June 7; she was beaten. Police are still investigating for charges.

Drunken stupor, 600 Pennsylvania Avenue: Bremerton medics requested help for an unruly subject June 7. The suspect, who’d fallen and hit his head, which summoned medics, was now being held down by those medics, police said. Apparently the suspect was in a “drunken stupor” and had passed out, but was then alarmed by medics’ presence when they were treating him. He came out of the stupor “swinging.” No arrests were made.

Probation violation, 4200 Wheaton Way: An officer June 7 spotted a man behind Goodwill that “immediately started walking away.” The officer caught up to him behind a dumpster where the man said he’d been “peeing.” The man had a warrant for probation violation. He was taken to jail.

Scam, 4200 Wheaton Way: A woman told police June 7 that she’d gotten a text from someone she thought was a friend, who told her she’d won $100,000 through a Facebook contest. All she had to do was friend a person on Facebook and send an initial payment of $3,500 and the money would be hers. It was a scam. Police called the number where the text came from and the male voice requested more money from the woman. When the officer identified himself, the caller said “gibberish” and promptly hung up. The officer told her not to give out money or personal information to strangers in the future. Detectives are investigating.

Fight, 200 Fifth Street: Two residents got into a fight June 7 after one suggested the other had stolen a cable box. Police determined one of the men had “puffed up” and wanted to fight, and that man went to jail.

Meth in car, 4000 Wheaton Way: Police saw a “fidgety” driver at an intersection which piqued an officer’s interest June 8. He looked up the car in the state database and found the driver was wanted for probation violation. By the time the officer found out, the car had driven out of sight but the officer did find it in a Wheaton Way parking lot. Police could see inside the car was a crystal resembling meth. They got a search warrant, served it and found the substance was meth. The owner of the car had not been arrested yet, according to the report.

Assault with metal, 900 Sheridan Road: Police were called to the area June 8 for a bloodied man, who said he’d been assaulted with a piece of metal. He required aid from Bremerton medics. Police found out the name of the suspect, went to his house, and he was taken to the Kitsap County Jail. The suspect denied involvement.

Driving while high, Warren Avenue Bridge: A sergeant stopped an 18-year-old man who was driving across the bridge going about 50 mph in the 35 mph zone June 8. The sergeant suspected the man was high. He admitted to drinking two beers and smoking a “blunt” earlier in the night. Police took vials of his blood to test and then let him go. Police recommended the city prosecutor charge him with DUI, possession of marijuana, MIP, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Domestic assault, 3400 Spruce Avenue: Officers were called June 8 for an assault in which a man hit a woman he’s prohibited by law from contacting. She had a bruise on the right side of her face. There is probable cause to arrest the man involved but police hadn’t found him yet, according to the report.

Vehicle prowling, 4200 Wheaton Way: A woman’s cell phone was stolen out of her car June 9 while she was in a thrift shop. Police had no suspects at the time of the report.

Domestic incident, 600 Montgomery Avenue: A man and a woman got into a tussle June 9, while both were grabbing for a cell phone to use. The woman said she was hit and had her hair pulled. The man denied doing that. He went to the Kitsap County Jail.

Domestic incident, 1500 Pennsylvania Avenue: Two women housemates got into a fight over potato chips June 9. One of the women accused the other of stealing the chips and then threw the chips in her face. She was taken to the Kitsap County Jail.

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