Bremerton, what does your foot ferry future look like?


Remember that sleek little ferry (pictured) that ran from Bremerton to Seattle for “research” in the summer of 2012? Well, Kitsap Transit still possesses that vessel, the Rich Passage 1. And it wants you to help figure out what should be done with it.

Kitsap Transit is writing a business plan for passenger ferry service and is seeking opinions from area residents. The survey’s short and sweet. Click here to fill it out.

The bottom line is that it’s going to cost money to run the 117-passenger vessel. But having that service would mean Seattle would be reachable in 35 minutes, rather than the current hour aboard the state ferry system.

3 thoughts on “Bremerton, what does your foot ferry future look like?

  1. What is never mentioned in these discussions, is that Bremerton and the shipyard will be reached in 35 minutes…from Seattle. There is, after all, a large percent of riders from King County who would benefit by faster crossings. Therefore, why should Kitsap Transit pay the entire cost if the RP1?

  2. The elected officials in Bremerton are doing everything in their power to choke vehicle access to the ferry docks in Bremerton. It’s now taking 15 minutes to get from the harborside parking garage onto Washington and down to 11th and Warren. Once they shrink Washington it will take even longer. A 35-minute ferry ride will make my commute equal to what it was a few years ago, before they messed up all the roads (shrinking 6th & 11th, removing lights that kept traffic moving, turning lanes into right-or-left turn only lanes, which even Kitsap Transit buses ignore, etc.).

  3. Kitsap Transit.
    Buses and Access service. instead of pour money into a hole int water, lets bring back some service. Maybe find a way to provide service to outlying areas?

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