Bremerton’s eastside McDonalds to rise from the ashes


McDonalds fans: You won’t have to venture to West Bremerton for too much longer to get you Big Mac and Chicken McNuggets. Come May, a brand new McDonalds will open for business on the same Wheaton Way spot where the old one is currently being torn down (pictured).

The Wheaton Way fast food restaurant was pretty much the oldest in a group owned by Peninsula McDonalds, and rather than renovate, they decided to rebuild, said Peninsula McDonalds Marketing Director Hope Lash. The restaurant closed at the end of January.

The new McDonalds will have all the bells and whistles of the modern fast food restaurant, including a two-lane drive thru to expedite things. See below for a photo of the architectural plans, courtesy of the city of Bremerton.

The new restaurant joins a new Starbucks, new Kitsap Bank and new Boys and Girls Club that are breathing some new life into the beleaguered corridor.

McDonalds isn’t the only business on the move in Bremerton right now. A new Verizon dealer just opened on Kitsap Way and  an Ace Hardware is slated to open in Bremerton in 2014. And the Great Peninsula Conservancy is moving downtown. Don’t miss the coverage over at Minding Your Business, a blog by my colleague Tad Sooter.

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