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While you are always welcome to join me at city business meetings, I do take pride in being the guy who monitors the bureaucracy so you don’t have to. But a meeting Tuesday night cries out for your participation, if you care about the city’s upcoming plans to revamp Lower Wheaton Way.

As you’ll see in a Tuesday story in the Kitsap Sun, the city is about $300,000 short on the largely-grant funded project, which will repave the road and add sidewalks and bike lanes between the Manette Bridge and Lebo Boulevard.

Here’s the hangups, some of which — or all — may have to go:

  • Eliminate electrical conduit along the route. Engineers are hoping this cut is considered last, as putting it in later would require crews to dig up and thus negate parts of the current project. But the conduit is slated to cost about $100,000, or a third of the project’s estimated cost overrun.
  • Take out the revamp of the intersection of Lower Wheaton Way at Lebo Boulevard to save $40,000. The traffic light’s timers at the intersection no longer function and a traffic study will be completed to determine if the light there is still necessary.
  • Eliminate lighting on the street. Engineers are prioritizing higher about $60,000 of lighting at Lower Wheaton’s intersections with streets along the route than about $143,000 of additional lighting in between intersections for the project.
  • Don’t create a new $33,000 intersection at 14th Street: The original project called for E. 14th Street and Winfield Avenue to channel together into one road before hitting Lower Wheaton (currently, the streets both intersect with Lower Wheaton in close proximity to each other).
  • Take out handrail: There’s a $22,500 handrail in the project near the Manette Bridge, which engineers say could be removed.
  • Eliminate sidewalk: While leaving intact the creation of a new 10-foot sidewalk on the southwestern side of Lower Wheaton Way between the Manette Bridge and Lebo, engineers call for the possible elimination of a new, smaller $45,000 5-foot sidewalk on the northeastern side of Lower Wheaton between E. 18th Street and the Manette Mart.
  • Reduce gravel: Engineers anticipate the project won’t need as much gravel to be used underneath the sidewalks, saving $75,000 on the project.

The point I’m trying to make: if you have an opinion about any of these options above, now’s the chance to add your two cents. The meeting’s at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday (Jan. 28) at the Norm Dicks Government Center, 345 Sixth Street, downtown.

2 thoughts on “Have your say on Old Wheaton Way

  1. The format was more lay out all the large prints across banquet style tables and allow a short viewing and Q&A session. There was a single generic financial proposed “cut from project” and overall funding spreadsheet list provided. There was really way too much to view to even start to absorb any details or start to evaluate the projects merits or shortfalls. I am looking for the electronic versions of the blueprints so that the project can actually be viewed more closely and in a more time reasonable manner. My assumption (bad to assume) due to the public input format and request for comments was that the documentation would be available online when I returned home the same as it is with the Pacific Avenue Project.

    I think an attorney would call it information “swamping” the adversary with more than can be reviewed in the time provided.

    At this time, I see no way to actually take the 8 generic and broadly stated items they are considering cutting to even see specifically what or where PW is altering for cost cutting measures and how that may effect the overall project.

    Complicating the issue is that the project is being rushed through the City Council. I plan on asking for the blueprints but it may be too late due too the rushed timing to actually even see what and where concern should be. The City Council should be cautious of this “rush” that is being placed on them without investigating the details. I am not calling foul, but am concerned at the lack of information available (intentionally or not) and rush on the council for hundred of thousands of dollars. Those are some large hunks of money that the Bremerton utility ratepayers must cover.

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