Some of you I know, some of you I am meeting for the first time



The bottom line: the beat is back. 

The fine print: It’s been nearly four years since the Kitsap Sun brought you the Bremerton Beat, a blog showcasing the very best (and sometimes the not-so-very best) of Bremerton. It was disbanded in a blog “rightsizing,” you might say, until recently when I asked for the opportunity to bloat the company blogosphere back to its previous size.

I have big shoes to fill, following in the footsteps of inimitable Steven Gardner and the estimable Andy Binion (who, I might add, just revived my old blog at the crime and justice desk).

Since my transition from covering Kitsap County’s crime and chaos for eight years, I have yearned to resurrect this blog to give Bremerton readers a place to turn for slices of life in the city straddling the Port Washington Narrows.

Here, no story’s too big or too small. We’ll go behind the scenes. I’ll bring you along on assignment. Field trips will include vertical ones to the Sixth floor of the Norm Dicks Government Center — the hub of Bremerton’s city government — and horizontal ventures to all corners of the city. We’ll also discuss the past and future of Bremerton, a city founded as an industrial powerhouse but one establishing a new identity through its revitalized core and its active neighborhoods.

So: once more unto the breach, dear friends. (And yes, I will quote Shakespeare from time to time.)

Welcome aboard.


4 thoughts on “Some of you I know, some of you I am meeting for the first time

  1. It’s back!

    That is awesome.

    Bremerton Beat historical homage…..must include at least one new 6th Street 7-11 story every month;-)

  2. Just holding those feet to the fire Josh. What’s up with the turning the comments off on the 2013 council post. We all had such a great time and got oh so creative… 🙂

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