Discussion with Bremerton School District’s New Superintendent

The Kitsap Sun editorial board met Tuesday with Flip Herndon, the new superintendent of Bremerton School District. Below are the video and live blog of the discussion.

— Angela Dice

3 thoughts on “Discussion with Bremerton School District’s New Superintendent

  1. We put a notice in the paper and had a link to it on top every page on our site while it happened. You bring up a good point, though, in that a blog notice or some sort of additional story may have been helpful.
    – Angela

  2. Thank you Angela. If it is something this big concerning the Bremerton School District, which I have proven to follow rather closely and even I don’t know about it, there is a problem.

    I do not lay the blame entirely on the SUN. I know you guys are short staffed. Once again I am very disappointed with Mr. Hearndon. Nothing about this opportunity was posted to the Bremerton School District website to let people know they could participate. Nothing about it was in the latest newsletter from my son’s school I just received the other day. In the video he says he wants to meet with the community but continues to delay in doing so and appears to be inept at getting the word out about the limited opportunities presented to date. Yes. I will come right out and say I am pretty pissed about this.

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