Bremerton Schools Questions? Get ’em In

Tonight our editorial board will interview Bremerton School Board candidates, beginning with the district 1 at 5 p.m. and district 5 candidates around 6 p.m.

Like we’ve done with other candidate interviews it’ll be shown live on the site, and archived over at the Kitsap Caucus afterward.

Unlike the other interviews we won’t be able to accept comments and questions live. It’s a staffing thing. So if there’s something you’d like asked during our interview, post in the comments below. Thanks, and enjoy the show tonight.

— David Nelson

7 thoughts on “Bremerton Schools Questions? Get ’em In

  1. Hi David,

    Can I send the question directly to you? I want them to answer honestly based on their own current knowledge and not any “homework” or “research” they do on it between reading it now and talking to you guys later today. No phone a friend privileges here.

    Or you could just let me come in a grill them as a representative of the public (smile). Not much regarding the Bremerton School District they could BS me on.


  2. I sincerely hopes the video of the Bremerton School Board candidate interviews is of better quality than the SK School Board candidates’. It was such poor quality, you couldn’t tell which female candidate was talking. It was such poor qualitity Colleen thought Kathryn Simpson was there, being interviewed.

    You could only be certain that it was Mr. Lamb answering, because he’s the only male candidate. Was that the point?

  3. Karen, I did not think Kathryn was there. When I made the statement “You Guys” I was refering to South Kitsap candidates as a whole or group. I knew there would be a mis-perception after I posted that, because I worded it badly, but nobody said anything so I let it die on the vine rather than bring additional attention to it.

    I agree, it was hard to watch and listen at the same time…but still better than nothing. If people want to see the candidates in person, there are still some options available that are coming up.

  4. Kathryn said something.

    My question would be and I think the way Larry should have phrased it..

    “Do you believe moving the 9th graders to the building with the other high schoolers is social engineering?” instead of “Are you for social engineering?” It was inappropriate.

    I know Larry Croix is speaking from his experiences as a Dad and don’t fault him for it. It’s just that I believe holding them back at the junior high is social engineering. Different perspectives. I would like to know what the SK School Board candidates’ perspectives are. Unfortunately, after watching those interviews, I still don’t know.

    Maybe the Sun will be able to publish a text of the Bremerton School Board interviews?

  5. Thanks guys. If others have the same concern as Colleen and would like to email in a question this afternoon, my address is

    Karen, sorry about the quality (and I think you mean Mr. Lemke). The point wasn’t to be confusing, no. Like I explained before, those videos run at a resolution that allows for the most people to be able to stream them. I’ll try to make it clear who each question is directed toward. We’re not able to publish a text of the interview, there’s neither space in the paper nor time to transcribe an hour of discussion.

  6. Oops. Thanks for correcting me. And thanks for covering the School Board candidates. I don’t think the Independent is covering it at all. Maybe after the primaries?

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