They Got Bremerton’s Back

Here at the Beat we sling arrows at others, mostly Port Orchard and on one occasion Seattle. It’s our way of staying powerful, under the notion that you really can make your own lawn look better by peeing on someone else’s. (Was that inappropriate? I miss Binion. He never would have bothered to ask.)

It’s also a way of distracting people from our own missteps. “Hey look at that marquis. HA!”

Well, the condos are high on the list of lapses that get attibuted to us. In our first story we had Mayor Cary Bozeman (for now) speculating that the prices might have been too high.

But on another Bremerton blog, appropriately named the Bremelog, Bozeman went into more detail, and well before this all blew up.

You talk about bringing people downtown: Did the housing authority overshoot with the condos in not making it something more affordable?

Yes. Chris, to answer your question, they missed it. They built too far above the market. Their initial sales interest looked encouraging. They really felt like they were OK, the county backed the bonds on it, and in the end, they misjudged. I think had they built a nice project but a little less expensive, they’d have all sold.

The entire Q&A with the mayor (for now) is a good read. So is the entire blog, though readers shall be warned that on it you’ll find words on it that you’d never find here. I’m guessing they wouldn’t ask about the appropriateness of the imagery I created up top. And over there they have an ongoing bickerfest with Bainbridge Island, er, Old Man Winslow. Who’s willing to take on Poulsbo?

And now, back to our regular programming.

Did you notice Port Orchard stores no longer have the marquis? Me neither.

9 thoughts on “They Got Bremerton’s Back

  1. Did you HAVE to bring up our beloved Binion….I was finally moving on. Dang. You have just reminded me of how great it would be to have Binion as the desired and needed moderator for the Sun blogs.

    Slinging arrows and metaphorically peeing on other “community” lawns only makes a good bickerfest when both sides have a sense of humor. I will give Port Orchard that much. They are funny and unashamedly self deprecating. After spending 8 hours a day, 5 days a week for the last 7 years working here in Poulsbo, I can say they are devoid of humor but plentiful of Stop Signs and cranky old people frowning all the time.

  2. Excuse me, Colleen?
    PO full of a sense of humor?
    Poulsbo full of ‘cranky old people? And you’ve been employed there 7 years? I’d say you deserve to move on.
    Go to work in PO and let the Poulsbo folks return to their norm.
    Maybe the ‘crank’ in cranky will leave Poulsbo the same time you do.
    Usually folks get what they reflect…maybe not. Let us know…
    Sharon O’Hara

  3. We live in a world of conflict – why add to it?
    And this piece taught me a good lesson – read the initial article BEFORE responding to the comments.

  4. See Sharon, you make my point exactly….just mention Poulsbo and suddenly no sense of humor…

    No moving on for me…I love my job and my boss and the people I work with, it’s not their fault I can’t stand the town our workplace paradise is located in. The stop signs were added to decrease drivers cutting through town and make it easier for pedestrians to cross. Well I have continued to drive through town every morning and every evening. I have not spent one dime in downtown Poulsbo since they went in. And here is the really interesting part, since the stop signs have been put in I have not seen 1 pedestrian that has needed to cross at these new or revised crossings. Now people dodging in between cars on Front Street in unmarked areas….lots of those I do stop for all the time….and they usually have frowns on their faces as a way of thanking me.

  5. Here’s a tidbit, funny or not.

    I went to Poulsbo yesterday with a friend to have lunch and catch up. The plan was Burrata Bistro. Closed.

    We get back to our respective cars, make u-turns and head to The Loft (formerly Bayside Broiler). Closed.

    Then we crossed Front Street to go to Sogno Di Vino (the old Magnolia Cafe). You guessed it…closed.

    We finally ended up at Mor Mor.

    Poulsbo no sense of humour? Isn’t Ed Stern on the City Council?

  6. You should have went today, the S of N puts on a pretty good Wednesday lunch, although it is $9. It’s worth it, bit I think you have to make your own jokes.

    Reporter Binion was a huge loss to this online community, but if I never have to read another story about LDS leaders and Uranus, I’ll be grateful.

  7. I think the point is not whether Binion would have bothered to ask, but whether he would have peed on his neighbor’s lawn. I think we all know the answer her. Miss ya Andy!

    The question begs to be asked…Who donated all the money for those damn stop signs in Poulsbo. I remember the good old days when you could ride your bicycle all the way from NK High School down Hostmark Street and off the end of the pier at the marina without one stop sign to get in your way….but I digress…

  8. Correction. LDS elders.

    And that’s why I suggested renaming the Manette Bridge after Chief Sealth. Andrew could have, conceivably, driven his bike over the Sealth to the Sev.

    Not to mention scoring some points when the boardwalk negotiations begin.

  9. Vodiez has a super yummy Chicken Oriental Salad. Service is a little on the slow side, but the food is really good. I remember how good those salads used to taste in the days before stop signs….sigh…

    I have been informed by several Poulsbo-ites, that the frown is the official Poulsbo way of “welcoming” people and saying “thanks”. It’s not really their fault that they look that way. Something in the excessive amounts of doughnuts and pastries sold on Front Street has caused all the smiles to be turned upside down. Tragic.

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