Naked and Looking for Rachel in Edmonds

The Herald in Everett reports that a 35-year-old Bremerton man was entering homes in Edmonds, removing his clothes and telling folks he was looking for Jennifer Aniston. Oh, and he was drunk.
I guess the guy was expecting to see this.

Herald writer Jackson Holtz wrote,

Police don’t know if the man’s life was always stuck in second gear, but if his alleged behavior Saturday morning is any indication, it wasn’t his day, his week, or even his year.

Not his month either, presumably.

We partially blame ourselves here at the Bremerton Beat. In our smackdown with Seattle we mentioned that the alluring Zooey Deschanel was engaged to former Bremertonian Ben Gibbard of the most excellent musical ensemble Death Cab for Cutie. Perhaps our drunken co-citizen got the two ladies, one of whom can sing, mixed up.

We got this photo of Zooey here.

But we don’t absorb any responsibility for the nudity or breaking into homes. Bad form, drunk man! How much alcohol does one need to think that even if Aniston were to be found in Edmonds, that this is how she would like to be approached? I know she wants to be a mother, but I doubt this is how she plans to fulfill her goal.

From what I’ve heard, you need flowers, a nice dinner, and to be a movie star or a famous singer with mad texting skills.

Still, we doubt this is the first time this has happened.

And we’re guessing that this blog post is going to get a lot of hits from people (mostly guys) using the search terms “naked” and “Jennifer Aniston.” Sorry to disappoint you, but thanks for stopping by.

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