Bozeman Trades City Hat for Port Job

What the . . . heck?
What the . . . heck?
This story is being updated as the day goes on. By now it’s not new news, but it’s still news that Bremerton Mayor Cary Bozeman is resigning as hizzoner to become CEO at the Port of Bremerton.

The mayor said it was a tough decision, but that it was a decision made in his best interest. He said history will show whether it was the right decision for Bremerton. “Change is inevitable,” he said. Indeed. Mike Shepherd could have beat him in November and he’d be gone anyway.

So Bozeman will take his cheerleader role to the port, where he hopes to have much success in getting businesses to locate into the South Kitsap Industrial Area.

We’ll get more as it develops.

3 thoughts on “Bozeman Trades City Hat for Port Job

  1. The first thought that came to mind when I got the email from his office was, Norm McLoughlin resigned just before KCCHA’s stuff hit the fan. I hope nothing like that happens here. The City is having a hard enough time as it is.

  2. Resigning before his term is over???? That is the ultimate sign of outstanding leadership. Thanks Cary, nice to see you can still meet my expectations.

  3. Oh yeah, one more thing Mr. Bozeman: I can only applaud when an elected official, drawing a tax payer paid salary makes decisions that are in his best interest. I stand not only corrected, but also in awe. You have actually exceeded my expectations.

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