4 thoughts on “The Mayor Gets More Seattle Press

  1. I guess Mayor Bozeman forgets about the 2001 Wheaton Way Corridor Study that was suppose to plan for cleaning up Bremerton’s own little Aurora Ave. I have not seen much interest to clean up our own little rat hole.. How about some trees on Wheaton Way? Wider sidewalks? I’m sure he will announce some grandiose plan a few months before the election. I guess his developer pals are more interested in fully exploiting our waterfront property.

  2. Well as a long time mayor of two cities in Western Washington he is quite a qualified urban planning critic.

  3. Maybe such development is like good medical care.
    The first and most important doctor to the patient is the primary doctor.

    The primary doctor is the hub of the patients health care wheel and makes any specialist suggestions and track of tests from the different specialists and hospitals.

    The waterfront is the fist thing ferry visitors see – if it is seedy appearing they would have no reason to think any other part of Bremerton looks good.

    The someday ‘new’ look for the Wheaton Way vision is beautiful. And someday the vision will be the reality.

    Jane’s description is right though, Wheaton Way DOES resemble a short section of Aurora Ave.
    In my opinion….Sharon O’Hara

  4. Per capita,Bremerton has spent tens of millions of dollars to clean-up storm water,which has terrible contaminants such as highly toxic heavy metals and highly oxygen starving,fish killing nitrogen.The Bremerton residents can now walk any beach anytime.Seattle has done little, and should be ashamed that they spill billions of gallons of sewage and stormwater at almost every rainstorm.Don’t slam the Bremerton Mayor on waterfront issues.If you walk the Seattle beach just watch where you step,hold your nose and don’t eat the clams.

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