A Different Kind of Support for Bremerton Artists

Mike Shepherd emailed me this week with an announcement worth sharing. This coming Sunday, at the Friends of Eagles on Washington and Sixth, a group of friends will get together in support of an artist that’s been giving to Bremerton for the past two years.

She’s Rose Smith, founder of the Artists for Freedom and Unity Hall on Callow, which we wrote about two years ago when it opened. Well, it’s still there, still giving Bremerton bands and artists a place to perform and show, and from what I understand Rose deserves credit for fostering that community. Now some of her friends and other artists are doing something to help her out. There’s also a benefit on May 8 at AFU. Here’s the announcement with the details for this weekend:

Rose Smith is a gifted and established local artist who has done a lot to further the Kitsap art community. She and her family have made a point of working with younger artists who often lack a nurturing venue. Rose and her son Gabriel Lee worked tirelessly to establish the Artists for Freedom and Unity all ages music venue and art gallery in Bremerton. Rose has been instrumental curating and promoting art events at the Westside Burrito Connection and Metropolis, the Gallery. Now Rose has been diagnosed with cancer, and is undergoing both chemo- and radiation therapy. Money is in short supply. We urge Rose’s friends and supporters to join us for a fund-raising spaghetti feed  and art sale on Sunday, April 26th, 2009, at the Bremerton Eagles Aerie #192 (located at 205 6th Street) between noon and 3 pm. Donations will be accepted and appreciated. We are also hoping to have donations of art and baked goods for sale at this event.  Please contribute whatever you can, have a plate of spaghetti, and enjoy some good music and pleasant companionship.
If you would like to contribute art work or baked goods for sale or want to help us cook & serve food please contact Pat Cooper at p.t.r.cooper@gmail.com or Jane Rebelowski at janerebelowski@earthlink.net.

I did a quick archive search on Rose and found something I thought worth sharing. Below is a letter from September 2001 published in the Sun, before the mayoral election that year. I won’t make this political, since Shepherd is running for mayor now, and the letter doesn’t indicate whether she was supporting Cary Bozeman or Louis Mentor, the two final candidates that year. It’s just an interesting twist on a letter to the editor, and doubtless from an artist’s mind.

— David Nelson

To the Editor:
Who, Who?
Who wants in for just the perks?
Who’s a power junkie?
Who’s a fat cat paid off jerk?
Who’s somebody’s flunkie?
Who has no experience?
Who’s a grinning player?
Who is gonna raise our rents?
Who should be our mayor?
Signs abound in every street,
Every nook and cranny.
Hands are out to meet and greet,
Who will save our fanny?
Please remember you must vote,
Think about the issues.
I’ve been here for 12 long years,
I’m running out of tissues.

Rose Smith

2 thoughts on “A Different Kind of Support for Bremerton Artists

  1. Rose Smith’s letter to the editor is funny! Thanks for adding it to the benefit information. She sounds to be a great person and I wish her the best in the future

  2. Hope many of you can stop by the Fraternal Order of Eagles today between noon and 3 p,m,. As of last evening Rose was feeling well enough to attend. Many thanks to Hi-Lo Cafe and Luigi’s Bakery for their very generous donations of food. Plenty of folks have donated great gifts that will be raffled off, beautiful artwork for our auction, live music. Lots of donated baked goods for sale too!

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