More Port Plans for Downtown?

Gardner’s got it up on the Caucus already, but here’s the refer for Beat readers interested in what the Port of Bremerton’s looking at now.

According to reporter Rachel Pritchett, who was at the Port’s meeting earlier today, commissioners are floating the idea of acquiring the land along Washington Avenue vacated by the Sinclair Building demolition last year. It’s currently a parking lot and grassy field, and the asphalt part may be its future still, according to Cheryl Kincer, who says they’ve heard from boaters that there’s a need for more spaces. (Other development could become part of the plan also, it’s all very preliminary).

A commentor has already pointed out that there’s a three-tiered parking structure just up the block that isn’t doing anyone eye a favor. I’ll beat the next one to the punch and suggest that more asphalt could be called a less than optimum use for a great waterfront view these days, in particular given the time and effort already spent rehabbing that stretch of downtown B-town (partially at a cost that the Housing Authority needs to get out from under, as this story points out, which is why the land may become available). Also, without knowing what could come of the JC Penney building (still waiting, Ron) or knowing how much parking is added there, determining a need that looks ahead more than a few years feels iffy.

The ‘pave paradise…’ cliche would be a stretch at this point, but you get my drift.

— David Nelson

One thought on “More Port Plans for Downtown?

  1. Personally I don’t think the “pave paradise” cliche is ever a stretch; used it once myself when they paved over the youth soccer and slowpitch fields we used to call Historic Roosevelt Field. Got an “A” on that speech too if I remember correctly. Thanks Lynn. But I digress. My question is how many people out there remember Joni mitchell and “Big Yellow Taxi”?

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