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(Carolyn Yaschur | Kitsap Sun)
(Carolyn Yaschur | Kitsap Sun)

Even though the archrival Bremelog scooped the Beat on this one, I’ll be big enough to pass along the invite join Sustainable Bremerton folks at Sixth Street’s Hi-Fidelity Lounge for St. Patrick’s Day. Sending Beat readers elsewhere means swallowing my pride, but I can live with it since there’s a chance of swallowing some green beer as well.

But that’s next week. Before our city’s green living movement celebrates the green holiday, I’m checking my Swedish heritage at the door (but not my distaste of Notre Dame football) for two events this weekend: The Main Stream Association’s annual downtown St. Pat’s parade — Saturday at 11:30 a.m. on Pacific, YouTube of the 2008 version here — and a St. Patrick’s Day Dash 5k at Jackson Park, 9 a.m. Call Lisa Bertolacci-Starich, (360) 315-2134, if you need more information on the run, show up early if you want to join the parade. Organizers are looking for cyclists — moto or bi — to join the parade this year. Be at Sixth and Pacific by 10:45 to line up if you’re interested.

— David Nelson

Update: Missed one event. The Admiral Theatre will also get shamrocked this weekend, with traditional Irish music and dance from An Dochas. Saturday night at 8 p.m.

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