Bremerton Is Getting Profiled

Quick, name anything else these guys ever did. I thought so.
Quick, name anything else these guys ever did. I thought so.

Anytime anyone writes in the news or blogs about Bremerton, I get to hear about it through the magic of Google Alerts. Many of you are probably familiar with Google Alerts and use it to be notified when things like “Bremerton School District,” “MxPx” or “salamander” come up somewhere.

I’m curious, though, in my role as monitor of scurrilous attacks on our fair seaside city, why every once in a while I get an alert about Bremerton that has nothing to do with this place. Moreover, it usually involves crime.

Case in point: Today I received an alert about a murder in Manassas, Virginia. Sometimes when we get news like that there is a verifiable Bremerton connection. But in this story there’s no link whatsoever.

Are we being typecast? Are we the Adam West of crime now? For all the talk of revitalization and no new taxes, Bremerton still gets tagged with stories of residential murders?

It’s not all bad news. Thanks to the link to the story I found out that Laura Bush “totally forgot” about Obama’s speech.

3 thoughts on “Bremerton Is Getting Profiled

  1. Adam West has done several guest spots on cartoons (he was in an episode of the Simpsons) and he also plays Adam West, the Mayor of Quahog, RI on Family Guy. So THERE!!!
    Adam West rocks….

  2. i repeatedly tell people the only crime where I live that’s noteworthy is a deer that refuses to use the cross walk and I almost hit him twice jaywalking. He seems to like relaxing on the beach at night.

  3. Bremerton is an AWFUL place to raise kids….Its a crime ridden , corrupt police crawlin, slum.
    How dissappointed I was to move here from Eastern Washington with my small hildren to find that there is BARELY any bus service for them, Only one club for kids (The Y !), And thats if you live close by as there is no bus service in our area…
    NOT a good place for kids! Thier only options in this town is trouble
    believe you and me after living here 13 yrs and seeing all the bored delinquent kids in this town…is so pathetic…..Welcome to Bremerton….home of the future felons!

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