The Scent of Bremerton

Maybe my nose is playing tricks on me, but the last few nights when I’ve gone outside of the office (Here in downtown Bremerton, of course.) I notice a pungent odor.

It’s a stronger-than-usual odor of the sea. I hope. I’ve always wondered why some days that briny odor is more up-front than others.

Apparently the odor is courtesy of bacteria.

Anyway, anybody else around the water in Bremerton or elsewhere notice it lately? Anybody know why it does that?

– Derek Sheppard

One thought on “The Scent of Bremerton

  1. I have noticed this awful smell as well, especially getting onto the highway (SR 303) from the shipyard (SR 304) I thought it might be that plant near Auto Row, but can’t really say for sure what it is. I’m curious as to the origin as well.

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