Bye Bye Barney’s

I had seen hints of Barney’s Quick Stop’s coming closure (I mean other than every headline about the economy and gas prices), but didn’t hit home until today. Not that I’m overly nostalgic for a fairly run-of-the-mill gas station in the neighborhood (insert 7-11 joke by Binion here), but I was on ‘E’ this morning and was really hoping to swing through the Perry Avenue station and fill up. I’ve arrived there a few times in that same predicament, and always appreciated having the station close. (Fortunately, though maybe not for Barney, there are two other stations within a couple blocks of Manette).

Anyway, just announcing here that Barney’s is deserted, the sign on the corner of Perry and Sheridan gone, the shelves bare inside, no answer on the phone and no explanation other than a ‘Closed/Cerrado’ sign on the door. The guy that sat there every day (Barney? I always assumed it was), seemed friendly and good-natured when I’d stop by, so there was that feeling of guilt in addition to the panic of not having an immediate fill-up this morning. Sign of the times, I suppose.

— David Nelson

2 thoughts on “Bye Bye Barney’s

  1. I’m sorry to hear this. The few times I stopped there I was greeted cheerfully by a helpful friendly (employee?) person.
    I’d like to thank Barney’s for being a mainstay as long as they were and sorry I couldn’t be more supportive of their business.

    Thank you,
    Sharon O’Hara

  2. Noooo! Barney’s has been there forever. And it’s the only place my mom ever won a significant amount of money with a scratch-off lottery ticket (50 bucks). RIP, dang it.

    More and more my directions for getting around town sound like this:

    “Okay, go past where Olympic View Elementary used to be, then take a right at the light next to where Godfather’s Pizza once was. Go straight for a few miles — past where the Bag ‘n Save was (AKA the empty lot where the carnival used to be set up), and take a left at the light like you are headed to The Mt Constance Shoppe.”

    Don’t anyone dare report that Elmo’s is going out of business, because I wouldn’t be able to take it.

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